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Re: phrases gone wrong.

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    Wait, aren't thanksgiving and umbrella correct? Now I feel dumb and confused. It's the right words, it's just a weird emphasis.  I say umBRELLa.  Oh, and I used to work with a lady that talked about the large proportions at that restaurant.
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    My boss spits out malapropisms like it's her job.  Sometimes I really want to backhand her.  Like today she was reading a report from our division director and said, "our division is compromised of..." when the report said "comprised."  She doesn't have sequins on her blouse, she has "sequences."  I also hate how the same people who say "I seen it" are the same people who also say "you should've saw it."  FI's guilty of "you should have went."  Ugh!  You obviously learned both parts of speech, so put them where they belong, dammit!
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    Oooh gotcha. I was confused.  Also, malapropism is one of my favorite words I think.
    Leo says hi. He's...special.
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    Malapropism is definitely one of my favorites... it's up there with shenanigans and lugubrious.
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    haha oot, does your nephew realise that Australia is only slightly smaller geographically to the US?
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