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Changing your last name?


Re: Changing your last name?

  • I'm changing mine. Really it doesn't bother me to change it. My mom changed hers which is why I have my last name I do now, so I don't see any problem with changing mine. *shrug*
    I have friends who hyphenated, and others who kept their last names, and some friends whose parents gave them completely different last names as kids than their own last names.
    But for me I'd rather us have the same one and it really isn't an issue for me.
  • CaliMel11CaliMel11 member
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    double post!
  • I kept my last name and my FI is changing his last name to mine. We are doing it a bit backwards but we want the same last name and I have established a career for myself where it will be hard to me to go by another name and he doesn't have the same issue.
  • I haven't been on this board in a looooong time but I figured I'd jump back in and chime in. 

    My husband doesn't have the best last name, it's definitely ethnic, but I always wanted to take my husbands last name. When I met my two sister in laws they both told me that they didn't take their husbands last name because it's so bad. I just thought that was awful and it made me proud to take his name. Now I'm totally use to it and can't even picture myself with my maiden name. 
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    I have a 13 letter last name and it's different. It's not common at all but I love it. It shows my culture and it defines who I am. It makes me a bit sad that I will be going from a 13 letter last name to 4 letter last name. Plus our daughter has FI's last name so in the end, it will be fine.
  • Chipmunk415Chipmunk415 at the corner of Wine Ave. and Margarita Ln. member
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    I'm still debating. I have a very, very Irish first, middle and last name, and I'm proud of my heritage. FI has a very Dutch last name. Between both names, it's over 6 syllables and practically a sentence. I'm known professionally by my maiden name, and I may keep that for a while. I've a little time left to decide!
  • I'm hyphenating so that I can have the same last name as my children (in the future), since they will hyphenate as well. Both of our last names start with the same letter, so at least the hyphenation won't effect where our kids sit alphabetically. 
  • It's common in our cultures for the bride and groom to keep their names.  So that is what we are doing.
  • I was in a little bit of a dilemma as to whether or not I should change my last name. In the field that I'm in, publishing is what keeps you alive, and so I didn't want to lose my maiden name and any papers/conferences/etc associated with it, especially since mine is unique and his is very common. However, I still wanted to have a last-name connection to him. I know that this is a complicated "fix" to my issues, but what I decided to do is to hyphenate my name professionally, and then change my name legally to his. That way, I have a connection to both my maiden name and my last name. People hopefully will still associate my maiden name with my soon-to-be professional name, especially since any papers/conferences/etc that come from me will be under the same advisor and the same institution for a little while yet.
  • I don't really want to change my name, but fiancé really wants me to, or to hyphenate. I'd probably legally hyphenate, but I feel it might sound weird. My name is very german (and also I pronounce it with the German pronunciation ) and his is very Irish. I do want to continue to use my maiden name professionally. However, I work in genealogy, and I write and submit court filed affidavits frequently. I'm assuming I'd need to use the hyphenated or they won't notarize it since my ID would have the hyphen. Blah.
  • pinkshorts27pinkshorts27 Oregon member
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    I want the same name as my FI and so I guess I'm changing it. I like my last name, 5 letters and easy to spell, not super common and I love my family. They mean the world to me so when I take his I will have two middle names (hopefully!). I have to figure out how to do it in OR. 

    I always assumed I'd take my FI name, I just get frustrated with his. His last name is hyphenated (combo of his parents names). I honestly wish it was just his dad's last name because that would be easy. Instead I'll have to spell both names and tell people where the hyphen goes. But I won't make him lose his mom's last name because he lost his mom when he was in 8th grade and it is important to him.

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  • I'm actually Hyphenating my name when I get married. My maiden name has been my true identity and my Fiance has even said that he either saw me keeping my name or hyphenating. I'm hyphenating mainly because when we have kids, my name will connect with them. I have a co-worker who didn't change her name and she practically has to bring her children's birth certificates to school if she needed to pick them up. 
    My mom said that I should change my name, but I kinda like being who I am and with friends and family I won't get offended if they call me "Mrs. new last name" As long as my name is legally hyphenated, I'm happy. 
  • I changed my last name to his. He said as long as I didn't change my first name he was fine with whatever I wanted to do. For very personal reasons I choose not to be associated with my family and changing my last name felt like an outward sign of that disassociation. 
  • Where i am from we keep our last name and you just put "of Fi's last name" after my last name i would never change my last name

  • Cookie PusherCookie Pusher Looking over your shoulder member
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    Not changing mine. I have an established career and have been published under my maiden name. As we do not plan to have children, FI doesn't find this to be a big deal. If we do ever decide kidlets are in our future, we'll revisit the issue, but it's highly unlikely. I feel like as long as both parties are on the same page, it doesn't really hurt anyone.

  • I'm taking his and most likely keep my maiden name as my middle name. I don't have a middle name so doing that way not only gives me one but also keeps my family name going since my parents didn't have sons to carry on the family name. My older sis, who doesn't have a middle name either did this as well.
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