Registry annoyances- long rant.

Just a warning to any Canadian brides who plan to register at The Bay.

It has been a headache almost from the start and we are really not happy with their service.
I would never recommend someone to register at The Bay after the annoyances we have dealt with.

It started last fall when some friends bought us a cake plate and cake server set as an engagement gift. They bought it in Winnipeg in early September and were told it would be six to eight weeks to get it ordered and in the store in Ottawa.
After eight weeks had passed without hearing anything i called and had trouble even getting them on the phone.
So I went to the store in person. I found out they had the cake server set but were waiting for the cake plate to come in before they called.
Then she checked and found that while the plate had been ordered it had never started to "move" in the system.
So she re-ordered it and gave us the server set to take home.

In January, when we still had not heard I called again. This time I finally got someone on the phone who was helpful and she tracked it all down and said the reason it wasn't moving in the system is because the plate had been discontinued.

So even though the friends who bought the plate had one in their hands in Winnipeg in September, it was no longer available.

They issued us a gift card for the amount which we put towards other things on our registry.

Now it's happened again. my aunt bought us four pieces of luggage at a Bay in Vancouver at the beginning of May. We checked a few times on it and kept being told luggage can take awhile, it takes up to eight weeks, ya da ya da ya da. I tried to call two weeks ago and left a voice mail. Never got a call back.
Last week they called to tell me something else was in and I asked about it.
She said she would look into it.
The next day she called back about another gift and I asked her if she had tracked down the luggage. She initially denied she'd even spoken to me.
Then she seemed to remember and said she'd found the order and it was "on its way to the store."
Well today my aunt got a call saying two of the luggage pieces are no longer available.

If I could cancel our registry and just go somewhere else I would. But our wedding is in less than three weeks and we have lots of guests who have already bought stuff off of it. But I am aggravated to the hilt. The last thing I need to worry about right now is running around trying to track down gifts people have bought us.

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Re: Registry annoyances- long rant.

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    I registered with The Bay, and sometimes people buy items that are not in stock and only available in that particular store that you registered, or have been discontinued (it happens when there are seasonal things on your registry) and its on back order.  This is a selection you can choose not to do (no back orders) when you sign up.  They warned me from the beginning that some gifts do take a while to get, but they were great at sending notifications that a gift was in or was purchased.

    Sorry it has been frustrating you, but it is not like that at every Bay location and with every bride!  
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    I have been having a lot of problems with their website!! It keeps crashing and even when it is up it is hard for people to know what they are buying because they are not clickable and don't have very good explations. A guest of mine actually called into the store and was like "what is this item for this price with this number" and the person told her it was either a library mug set or a pink umbrella (?!). Seeing as neither of those really sounded out of sorts for me, the guest ordered it and when she got her proof of purchase it ended up being a package of forks.... She was not expecting that and called me upset telling me that she was embarassed because she accidentally just bought and had sent to me two forks... I told her not to worry and that we could fix it with the store, but when I ended up getting the gift it was a large mixing bowl that I had registered for.... We went into the registry place together to pick it up and the registry consultant was like "Oh, maybe there are multiple items with that number or something..." She did go through my list with me and we wrote down what each item was on a paper copy she is keeping on file so if anyone else phones we won't end up with a bowl becoming a mug set becoming an umbrella becoming some forks becoming a bowl again... Hopefully! 
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    They have been quite responsive today after my aunt complained and they are rectifying the situation now. It's not just the fact that the items weren't available, it's the fact that trying to sort it out is such a problem, the reps have not returned calls, and at least once have flat out lied to us. It also seems off putting that if someone buys something they don't just tell them immediately it isn't available except for the one in that store. If my aunt had been told the luggage was discontinued she certainly wouldn't have bought it. This is not a good policy and since it's the second time it has happened to us it clearly isn't a rare problem.
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    I depise their customer service and refused to even think about registering there. I'm sorry you are going through this. it sucks for sure. I hope it got cleared up
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