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  • Ive read everybodys comments and being a big girl myself, I have to say do what makes you happy.  My fiance offered me lipo as well... but only because he sees my every day struggles with my weight and he wants me to be happy.  he loves me unconditionally but if it makes me happy, then he's happy to pay for it.  I said I would consider it after having kids,  So, for now, Im busting my ass to drop 30 lbs in 6 months...

    I got a dynamite ring for a little under 6k.  Its nicer than I ever imagined.

    I would have to say... go for a 5k ring, get a personal trainer and kick your ass for a couple of months, then if you still arent satisfied get the lipo only if it's truly your last resort.  But be happy with you are at the end of the day.  We all come in different shapes and sizes.  No matter what you will be glowing on your big day

  • Figure out what you will regret more, and then do the other option.

    Personally, if I were in your shoes, I think you could always get another ring. You can't get another wedding day. I say get the lipo. You want to feel your most beautiful and your most comfortable on your wedding day. Do whatever will make you the most happy on that day! Good luck!
  • do what makes you happy.  there's always time for a ring upgrade, and there's always time for lipo.  i have a $10,000 ring, considering lipo, and want the upgrade in the future.  dont let people make you feel bad or guilty for wanting the best for yourself on your wedding day.  i am a selfless person and always put others before myself but on my wedding day, i want what i want, and i'm sorry to those who feel as though i should have donated my wedding budget to charity or done something else. its YOUR wedding.  and if you do go through with the lipo, get healthy first with yor eating and exercise, consult with several board certified surgeons, do your research to learn what method is right for you, and think long and hard about your decision and how it will impact the rest of your life.  personally, i think i will wait until after i have children for the lipo, but that was my decision to make.  good luck.
  • I'm struggling for weight as well, and I've gone through a buch of different diet pills and diets in general. I would never get Lipo. There could be problems with it in the end, and then what?

    Get a personal trainner, or even work out on your own. There's a video set that I am hooked on called P90X. It works miracles to be honest. I used this program a couple years ago and managed to drop 10 lbs in a month. I'm back on the ball now too since I want to look great for the big day.

    And, for the ring- you don't need a big giant,expensive ring. That's just for show. Really, just get one that is a couple thousand and save the money for the future you two are going to be sharing together. Save up for a nicer house, a nicer car, shoot, even to prepare yourselves for when/if you have kids.
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  • Girl you can always upgrade your ring.. Maybe one day you can even upgrade it and it be more than 10k. but if he is giving you the option go for lipo... Just make sure you get all the facts first. beause I know women who have gotten lipo and their fat grew back in othr areas than where they got lipo.... so research research research.... but go for the smaller ring now. Not all of us brides are even lucky enough to get a 6k ring. lol... Mine is beautiful and is only 1.5k. but go for the lipo and enjoy those photos forever.lol
  • My ring is incredibly beautiful and includes a 1k diamond in the middle and 28 smaller diamonds on the sides, it was perfect for me.. it is exactly what I wanted, anymore would have been too flashy or busy. It was only $2,500. I can't even imagine the type of ring you could get for 6K.. let alone 10K. I'd do the lipo and 6K ring for sure.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_just-engaged-proposals_ring-lipo?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:683Discussion:6b1704c6-f115-4056-841f-762cbfa11d59Post:7b563479-0cbc-41d8-a9db-33a5da612740">Re: Ring or Lipo?</a>:
    [QUOTE]You are kidding right?  Can you please reread what you wrote and try and see how shallow you are coming across?  I know that my fiance is marrying me for the person who I am, not what I look like.  I am marrying him for the person who he is, not how big the ring is.  I would have said Yes to marrying him if he got my e-ring from a gumball machine, or even no ring at all.  The ring itself is not about the commitment.  It's about the person offering you forever, and loving you unconditionally, no matter how you look or how fat the bank account is.  If you don't understand this maybe you're not ready to get married.
    Posted by mrstfuture[/QUOTE]

    I believe TheKnot Boards forum should be a place where brides-to-be and newly married brides give support and constructive advice to each other.  I think the comment quoted above is an example of what <strong>not</strong> to write. Of course, every girl is entitled to her opinion, but this is not the place to call out a fellow bride-to-be on her intentions to marry. There are more tactful ways to express your opinion.  Although I'm sure mrstfuture meant well, this post came across as extremely judgemental, maybe even a little self-righteous and quite frankly, offensive.

    As far as the question of the original post, I agree with many of the other reply posts. Lipo won't last forever, especially if you are planning on having children, or if diet and exercise aren't already a part of your daily life. To me, a fab honeymoon is a great way to make new and lasting memories with your groom!  I wish you the best of luck in making your decision!
  • Why are you going to get the quick fix?
    1. It doesn't look as good as natural beauty.
    2. You are entrusting your figure to HUMAN hands... and humans will always let you down... Do you really want to get that and HOPE everything turns out JUST the way you want it?
    3. Your fiance is marrying you... he obviously loves you for you...
    4. Everyone is self-conscious for something, but plastic surgery is never the answer unless you absolutely need it.
    5. If you want to lose weight then do it the natural way... it's healthier... it looks better... and you will appreciate yourself a lot more.
    6. If you spend 4k on Lipo and don't change your lifestyle all of that fat just going to come back in a week... and hon... wedding dresses are designed to flatter you if you get the right one... just get a dress you feel comfortable in.
    7. There is no need to be fake in front of your friends, family, and the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with... if you feel you need to be fake to make others happy... well you may want to rethink your relationships because no amount of lipo or plastic surgery will help you as you get older.
    8. Be happy as the beautiful person God made you. :)

    Get a $2500 ring and spend the rest to go to ROME or SCOTTLAND or HAWAII or one of the 7 wonders... Come on... you can have the honeymoon of your dreams! :) Anyways, This is way different from me... the engagement ring I picked out was $600... my fiance ended up saying "That's too cheap" and he spent $2100... I love my ring... and I wouldn't change it for anything. It's not about the ring or how you look.. it's about spending the rest of your life with the person that you are in love with. The glamour of the wedding is really easy to get sidetracked with... but just be happy! You found the person you are going to grow old with and who you will have and to hold for the rest of your life! Not everyone can say that!
  • Lipo will never last if you don't change your lifestyle and in 5-10 years it will have been a HUGE waste of money. Start running, join a gym or personal trainer and use the rest for an amazing ring that will still be there in 5-10 years.
  • I agree with a lot of people here...

    First, I think that a lot of people are being judgemental. (Which is what some have said.) Who are we to judge you?

    That being said, I still think that it would be better for you to spend your money elsewhere. I agree that it is better in general to lose weight and tone up the natural way. Lots and lots of brides struggle with their weight and want to look their best on their wedding day. However, when you lose it naturally, you're doing it for the long run, not just for that one day. If you don't change habits, then you will gain it back someday.

    Also, will you feel okay knowing that you have that much money sitting on your finger? I want to feel secure wearing my ring ALL the time. If it's ridiculously expensive, I would be nervous that someone would try to steal it or something. If it were my own choice, I would choose to spend the money somewhere else, instead of on a ring or on lipo.

    However, when it comes down to it, you need to do what will make you happiest. If you really want a ring that is that expensive, then do that. If you really want the lipo, then do that. Just think about it a lot. Don't be impulsive on this.
  • I think everyone's opinion on lipo is really beside the point and not what you asked.  I think you should do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. 
  • What are your long term goals as a couple?  My brother and his fiance spent lots of money on wedding stuff, but then couldn't afford the  house they wanted.  So I am wondering if you just have a pile of money lying around.
  • I agree!  GET BOTH!!  I'll assume your desire for lipo isn't due to insecurity or your being "shallow" (harsh, BTW), but perhaps to help you look and feel your best.  We ALL want that, don't we?  Some lucky gals are able to smoothe all the bumps and bulges from work-outs and prudent eating habits while others may not be so blessed (thanks for the saddle-bags, Mom!)  Choose what will make you most feel like the beautiful and confident woman you are!  
    BTW, I had those pesky saddlebags sucked out in 1993, have had 3 babies, and my legs still look as great as they did after lipo in 1993!  WOW!  17 years and counting.  But, to borrow a quote, LIPO HURTS LIKE A MOTHER

    Engagement Ring:                   $6000.00
    Liposuction:                             $4000.00 (?)
    Feeling great about yourself:   PRICELESS!!

  • i would choose the personal trainer over the lipo.  Remeber after you have the surgery it can take months for the swelling and bruising to go down until you are at the "desired result."  Plus why would you want to endure all that pain and discomfort to look slimmer when a personal trainer and do it with less pain to you.  Go for the ring.
  • Everyone keeps saying "I would NEVER get lipo - nor do I condone it" - well, it isn't about them, it is about YOU! You can find an amazing ring for 6k!! Just in the end, do what will make you the happiest!! Good luck!
  • OMG....what has this world come to???? The fact that this is even a question is absolutely ludicrous!! You might want to take a closer look at WHY you are getting married and what your wedding day is about....is it about the dress, the flowers, the ring, the way YOU look??? Or is it about the joining of 2 lives becoming 1, a day to celebrate you and your best friend that you are about to spend the rest of your life with, the beauty of 2 people committing to love and honor each other the rest of your lives!
    Where are your priorities??? I am getting married next month and we have made the commitment to one another that this day is about "US" and making the VOW our priority. It will save you a lot of heart ache in the long run to know that the ring or your figure will have absolutely NO value in a few years. Value comes from the connection, love, and relationship of the person you are about to spend the rest of your life with. When you are grey haired sitting on the front porch, will that ring or how you looked on your wedding day really matter??? I challenge you to think about WHY you are really getting married!
    PS...if you have 10k just given to you, think about investing iit, make a down payment on a house, save for your childs colege fund, pay off debt, give it to charity, something that will last and make a difference. And if you have any questions about how or why, check out www.DaveRamsey.com

  • lipo wont make any difference if you still plan on eating and stuff like you currently do. if youre giong to change your lifestyle then go haead and do both..if it were me, Id buy a 5 grand ring and use the rest on the honeymoon. but thats me..

  • As so many other people said, 6K is still a nice budget!  I got a beautiful e-ring (tiffany's baby!) on the smaller side b/c I love enternity bands & wanted to have versitility later to put bands with it.  Everyone tells us its a great "starter" ring esp. for my vision to change it up later with bands.  if you get the big ring now, whats to look forward to? Get the lipo & look great on your wedding day if it will make you happy! You can always get a better upgraded ring later!

  • If I were faced with the choice, Id get a beautiful ring within the budget and exercise every day until the wedding. Lipo would not be an option
  • Keep the less expensive ring, join a workout group or pilates classes or hire a nutritionist. I think too much money is blown today on unimportant things. Lipo will not make you healthier. Add a few years to your life by getting into a regular exercise routine if you already aren't. If you do already exercise to the max and can't get rid of those little extra love handles than love them back because he asked you to marry him for who you are inside and out!
  • Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about the money.  It’s YOUR money to do what YOU want with it.

    Every person is in a different financial situation.  Some people can easily afford a 10K ring while others think it’s ridiculous.  Some people live in areas where a 10K ring is nothing compared to everyone else.  Some people will buy what they think is a nice big 5k ring, but the diamond has a yellow color to it and you can see the inclusions.  It all depends on what the person values and wants….So if you end up spending all the money on the ring (personally I would) LOVE IT, and wear it proudly.

    Good luck on your decision!!

  • I understand that for a lot of us, we would "get a smaller ring and use the rest of the money towards something else." But you seem to not have to worry about a budget (lucky you!) So if I were you, I would get the lipo and get a "smaller" ring. Anything for 6k isn't going to be small!! :) I have lost 80 pounds with the help of a personal trainer, and I know that working out won't get rid of EVERYTHING. I would love to have lipo in certain places, and I have worked out as much as possible to get rid of it. Some things just don't go away without that extra help! :)
  • I don't think you posted enough information for us to decide what is best for you - and besides, only you can do that. Are you or your fiance independently wealthy? In the next five years do you forsee any extremely large expenses coming up for the both of you? (Car, paying off debt, buying a house, cross country move, you know what I mean) The one thing you don't want is for the financial decisions you make now to come back and bite you in the butt in another few years and have either your fiance or you regret any decisions you made.. If you have more money than you know what to do with, then spend it all! :) If, in reality, you are like most of us (and can always envision something that would be nice to have 'if' we could spare the money), then spare the money and go with a cheaper but still meaningful ring and save the rest for tomorrow, or the next day, like future children's braces or put towards paying off a car or whatever. 
  • This post makes me want to unsubscribe to the knot, and possibly walk away from the entire wedding industry altogether.
  • Rhiannon25- Do what you want. It is your life and your money. Also understand that Everyone here comes from different social backgrounds and have had different experiences in life. What is good for one person does not always hold true for the next. I personally would not get lipo because I am ok if I have a little cellulite and pudge. I am who I am. I do wish I could afford to have a super fantastic dermatologist that could help me with my skin problems. But that also doesn't involve anything invasive.

    Some of the advice on spending the money on a trainer, going on a better honeymoon, your fiance loves you for who you are, etc. is good advice. You just have to decide what is best for you.

    Also jealousy is natural. As a society we are very materialistic and have lots of wants. So if someone seems to be flaunting (even if they are not) that they have something we want jealousy can kick in. So lets all stop being angry at each other and realise that she wants opinions. She got opinions from complete strangers. Everyone is going to feel differently about the poster and the problem and that is ok. Just don't start saying one person they are wrong for saying what they feel. Everyone is entitled to feel the way they do and free speech (as long as they are not hurting anyone).
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    I vote for the $6K ring (or less) and put the rest towards the down payment of your new home!  Also, set aside some of the money and sign up for a boot camp!  It's cheaper than a personal trainer, its usually at a convienent time, and its fun!  Lipo is dangerous and not worth the risk!
  • 10K on the ring! With that big of a rock, no one will notice a little extra weight!

    PS Walking is free and still a really good workout (include lots of hills) :)
  • Your money is yours to use as you please. I would kill to have 10,000 laying around. I just hope you guys have all your finances squared away before you drop this kind of money.

    I have to agree though that if you plan to have a baby this is a complete waste of time. Your body is going to change a lot while pregnant anyway. You need diet and exercise either way. Plastic surgery isn't just the answer. You have to diet and eat right. You can get plastic surgery on your thighs and still have arms you hate.

    Plus wouldn't you feel better about yourself knowing your a healthier person and actually in better shape?

  • Ok I am guessing that if you have a budget or 10k for the ring you really don't need to get a less expensive ring and put the rest towards a honeymoon or house you probably got enough in the bank for that. The ring is something that will last forever the lipo will disappear as soon as you go back to eating unhealthy food or a sedentary lifestyle. Women that carry excessive weight around their hips and lower tummy are actually more likely to have heart related issues in life. I feel hiring a personal trainer will make you feel better long term. They can help you manage a healthy yet satisfying diet and as you work hard and start to see the pounds melt away (and the cholestrol in your arteries disappear) you will feel better and that you accomplished something. To make it more fun you and your future hubby can join the gym together and make it a joint effort. A lot of trainers love to work with couples because they know their clients have a support system built in. You two can motivate each other. Lipo may take away the pounds instantly but they will come back. As a person who is getting a Master's degree in Health I just want to stress to you the importance of making a lifelong change instead of an instant gratification for just one day of the rest of your life's together. You want to enjoy everyday not just that one and there is no better way than to wake up every morning and love what you see in the mirror and know you earned it.
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