Introduction songs???

HELP! i am racking my brain for a song for the bridal party and me and my Fi to be introduced to.... any suggestions??I thought for us Eye of the Tiger.. total Philly thing.. and I am HARD CORE Eagles fan and that is what they play before the games start... i have nothing for the bridal party.. except the kids picked.. Im sexy and I know it...
I don't want a song that will be played during the night... [email protected]

Re: Introduction songs???

  • I'm bringing the kids into LMFAO Party Rock, Bridal party to Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow and FI/I into Black Eyed Peas I gotta Feeling.


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  • I really like "I gotta feeling" as an intro song-- they played it at my cousin's wedding and it made me really happy for them and i remembered thinking it was a great way to do the intros.

    the minus, then, would be if you wanted that song played during the dancing-- but i personally think it works better as an intro song!
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  • My bridal party walked into "I gotta feeling". We walked into the Notre Dame fight song. That was a surprise for my hubby, He LOVES Notre Dame football.
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  • My Bridal party walked into LMFAO party rock and we did LMFAO Sexy and I know it.
  • We were introduced to Aint No Stopping us Now. Our guests loved it!
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