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Where are you at? Planning wise!


Re: Where are you at? Planning wise!

  • A 9/27/14 bride here too!! Crazy how fast time flies!!

    -Venue (ceremony & reception at the same place:Busch Stadium-deposit paid)

    -Caterer (using Busch Stadium's caterer)

    -Photographer (deposit paid)

    -Videographer (deposit paid)

    -DJ (deposit paid)

    -Dress picked out and ordered (completely paid for! Phew)

    -Save the Dates (in the process of being mailed!)

    -Bridal Party (chosen and accepted)

    -Guest List complete

    -Hotel blocks booked

    -Officiant booked

    -colors (red, black and white)

    -theme picked

    -website complete

    -Hair and makeup booked

    *Have florist appts booked as well as our cake appt scheduled



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  • InkdancerInkdancer The Shire member
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    For 9/13/14, we have:

    -dress (has even come in already, and it's perfect!)
    -save the date cards arrived at my house

    -photographer meeting is on Saturday to nail down whether our styles mesh
    -in talks with a caterer we love to make sure we're in budget
    -website mostly done but not published

    We also have our theme picked and are looking for decor but I'm not sure that counts since I haven't bought or rented anything yet.
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  • September 6
    -flowers, need to send in deposit
    -save the dates
    -a friend of mine is an artist, she will be making our invitations
  • Oops - i forgot to mention we also have the bridal party
  • Well, with 8 months to go today (we are 9/26) I think I've got everything!!!!!  

    Finally met & decided on a florist last week.  Decided to go with a videographer, despite what everyone else said.  

    And yesterday, my girls picked out their bridesmaid dresses!!  

    We have a DJ selected & deposit paid, we will be meeting with him in 2 weeks to finalize our package & contract.

    The only thing we haven't done yet is select our baker.  The baker/cake is with the venue, something we will be doing in the Spring.

    So just to check myself this is what I've done:

    Venue (catering & cake are part, baker meeting in Spring)
    Dress, Shoes, Veil - need headpiece
    Hair - date saved - trial in June/July
    Make Up & trial done
    Bridesmaids Dresses Selected - will order early March
    StD - mailed the beginning of the month
    Favors - supplies are being gathered to make
    Hotel Rooms Blocked - will visit hotel in Feb. to scout picture options - comes with 1 free shuttle to/from venue, still need to decide if I'll want more

    Am I forgetting anything?!?!?  My mom is looking for her dress in Feb.  FI still needs to ask his guys, but we are waiting on his sister to decide if she'll be a BM.  She has until the end of Feb.

  • You need to make sure everyone has a seat.  Can other chairs be added?  Are lots out of town and unlikely to come?  I don't remember standard percentages for rsvps, but you'd want to check on that.  You will lose some people for the reception after the ceremony if it's evening, but you will want to make sure everyone invited gets to sit!

    No, this is considered rude to a) not have enough seats for all your guests and b) to only invite some people to the reception only and not your ceremony. It's called a tiered reception. 

    the church lady assured me chairs can be added but some people may have to sit in the basement. I thought that sounded ridiculous to have guests down there. There is a speaker system throughout so people sitting in the basement could still hear. But I go to a wedding TO SEE! that's the best part. A lot of people are from out of town and the church is a 40 min drive from the reception location. We are thinking some of the guests won't be driving out to it. Its a pretty common practice where I'm from that some guests (especially the younger crowd) only be invited to ceremony and dance. 
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    Venue booked and paid for. Catering through venue (will meet later to discuss menu). Church and officiant reserved (church paid for). Photographer hired (pro photog in family, saving a bundle). FI is pro. wedding videographer, he's hired someone to film but will edit it all himself. Florist reserved, will meet to discuss closer to date. Bridal party chosen and colors picked. Shoes purchased. A friend is DJing, we just have to rent the equipment/lights through my work. Save the Dates sent. Honeymoon hotel booked, waiting on flights to be released for Sept on Southwest. . Ordering invites tomorrow through vista print (50% off sitewide right now). Dress shopping Tuesday and I should walk away with a dress that day. Blocking out hotel rooms Monday. Need to finalize BM dresses and grooms/groomsmen attire. Need to find hair stylist. Need to meet with cake baker! We feel really good where we are planning wise, though.
  • We are getting married Sept 21, 2014. So far we have:

    Booked church for ceremony
    Booked reception hall and put down deposit
    I have picked out my dress and put down deposit
    Booked photographer/videographer
    Scheduled engagement photoshoot
    My fiance has picked out the tuxedos for all the fellas

    Still need florist, DJ, wedding planner, BM dresses, and a few more things. 
  • Here's my update:

    I'm getting married 9/13/14.  Here's my list so far:
    • venue - booked
    • photographer- booked
    • dress (David's Bridal) - bought
    • picked out colors
    • officiants - booked
    • bridesmaids' dresses are picked out, just need to make sure they go out try them on
    • church - booked
    • limo - booked
    • florist - booked
    • band/DJ - booked
    • honeymoon - booked
    • MUA - booked
    • save the date cards - mailed

    Everything is coming along!

    I still have to order invites, finalize guest list (ugh, the hardest part of planning so far!), block rooms at a hotel, decide on candy to buy for candy/cookie bar, choose veil, shoes and jewelry, get whatever info is needed to give MOH for shower and bachelorette party, and decide on what gifts to give bridesmaids and parents.  I can be a procrastinator, so I'm glad I'm checking things off my list.

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  • Holy cow! I see everyone's list and I'm behind! Lol we are having a vintage romantic in our back yard (we have 2 acres). Got engaged on Valentines Day and getting married 9/13/14. So far we have photographer picked but haven't paid deposit yet. Have officiant. Have hair/makeup artist booked. And that's it! Yikes lol :) but I'm totally stress free. It's going to be a great wedding.
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