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how long did you date before he popped the question?


Re: how long did you date before he popped the question?

  • Best friends for 9 years- and then lived dated for 1 month before living together.  5 months after living together- we were engaged.  Quick in some standards- but I know this guy up and down after about a decade ;)  
  • Oh and we are about to be turn 28- if that helps to know.  Met when we were 19.
  • Just over four years! Even though we were talking about it and looking at rings he still found a way to totally surprise me!

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  • Four and a half years.  We'd discussed the idea, we both were all for the idea, and I thought that was the proposal.  No big deal, I was never into the big proposal thing, anyway.  

    He pulls out a beautiful ring while we're snuggling up watching anime.  Ain't he sweet? XD
  • We started dating when I was a sophomore in high school and he was a junior in high school. We were together 6 and a half years when he proposed (on exactly 6 and a half years). I had been expecting it for awhile but he told me I had to wait to graduate college. Little did I know he had been planning it all along and wanted me to not expect it!
  • We've been friends since 2002, but started dating in April of 2013.  We dated 19 months before he proposed.
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    almost 3 years and I knew it was coming sometime in the near future, but did not expect it this Valentine's Day!
  • It was eight and half long, long, long years before he popped the question.
  • 6 years! He proposed on our 6 year anniversary. 
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  • We actually knew each other for 11 years before we started officially dating.  We met the summer between our jr. and sr. years of high school but went to different high schools (him in IN, me in VA) and then different colleges (him VA, me MA).  Life really led us in different directions but we always kept in touch as friends, maybe a date here and there when I was visiting my family in VA.  I moved back to VA in the spring of 2012.  We started dating within a few months and got engaged about 2 years later.  
  • Eleven months is when I proposed to my girlfriend, I started thinking about marriage about six months in -- she wasn't thinking about it as quickly as me, but by the nine month mark she also wanted to get married.

  • One year, three months, and three days! We had been best friends (the attached-at-the-hip, "where there's one, the other must be close by"-kind) for almost four years at that point. He'll tell you he knew he wanted to marry me the day he asked me out on a date. It had always been a thing that we discussed while dating, and even joked about before that. We had a pact that we would marry each other if neither was married by the time we were 36.
  • I had been married before and have 3 children and he was engaged before so, we weren't in any rush. He gave me a promise ring (I know, a little old fashion) after 3 1/2 years and then proposed 1 1/2 years later. Our engagement is 2 years long. So, all in all, we will be together 7 years by the time we get married. However, with children involved, we wanted to make sure we were right for each other. It has turned out to be one glorious journey and definitely worth the wait!
  • 1 year to the day.  We started talking about getting married after 3 months.  While we were on the vacation in the Bahamas he surprised me by proposing on our 1 year anniversary.  Now we are counting down the 527 days until we get married!
  • We have dated 8 years.
  • FI and I got engaged after dating 6.5 months knowing each other/ dating. Really fast according to everyone we talk to but when you know you know. We're getting married in June and I couldn't be happier.
  • We dated for just under six months before we agreed together to get married. We had talked about it a lot beforehand for a few months, then we agreed together on January 7th this year to spend the rest of our lives together. 
  • Four years. We talked about getting married for the last two, then he sat me down on our four year anniversary for what's now an amusing conversation, although I might have had a teeny tiny little heart attack at the time.

    "I want to warn you that I am not going to propose tonight. I know it would be a logical time and I'm usually pretty logical, but I'm just not ready."

    "Oh. Okay. ...Not ready how?"

    "I haven't bought a ring yet."

    "OH. Okay."

    So we went out for a very nice dinner, then ring-shopped on our phones during dessert.
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  • 3 months to the day
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  • 3 months after we met we decided on the date and officially engaged.
  • 2 years and 5 months of dating! Funny thing is, he had the ring picked out a little after a year of dating...he was just waiting for the right time and place to ask. :)
  • A month shy of 3 years! We have been talking about getting married and him proposing a lot in the past couple of years, but I am in nursing school and we wanted to wait until after I graduate (Dec 2015) since I am not working it would be easier for him to save money for a ring when I do start working. We looked at rings online, just messing around, in March and he got some ideas of what I liked and didn't like. He saved some screen shots and never mentioned it again... well in May he went out and bought me a ring and proposed the night that he picked it up from the Jeweler! I couldn't have been more surprised! I was so in denial that I ruined the whole thing for him :( but it was still very memorable!  

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    Little over 1.5 years. We've been talking about it for a while. Couple weeks ago, he told me that we'll be going on a date. It surprised me because it's something we usually planned together. One day prior to our date, I joked and said "you aren't going to propose, are you?" He played it off. The next day, we went to a restaurant and he took me to the place where we first met. I was moody because I wanted to go to the movies and I've been waiting for him for a while to go with me. We stayed for a while and I asked if we could go somewhere else. We started walking and he said he had to tie his shoe. He took everything out of my hands and went down to tie his shoe. I saw him scrambling in his jacked and said to myself "what does the jacket have to do with his shoe lace?" when I saw him take out the ring box. At that point he turned around, kneeled and all I heard was "will you..." My mouth dropped and I was in shock. It took me a while to respond. Poor guy thought I was going to say "no". We met at the beach.
  • 2 years and a few weeks...would have been a few months later but I found the ring when I was cleaning and he decided not to wait for his original plans.  We did know each other for about six years total though.

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  • We dated about 5 1/2 years. By the time we marry, we'll have been dating for almost 7 years. We became a couple on my birthday, so he proposed on his birthday :)

    We wanted to get married in between our birthdays, but the date wouldn't work (peak season if we did six months between one way and too cold to enjoy it if we did six months the other way).
  • We were together for over seven years before he proposed.
  • Almost 5 1/2 years! 

    I knew we were getting close to being engaged just because of where our lives are going and discussing it. Me being a photography major-I love taking pictures together (we take our own pictures a few times a year) and he wanted to get some pictures together before we went our separate ways for the summer (We attend school over 7 hours from home, he stays up there and works and I come home for the summer to work). We were taking pictures out by a lake and he held a sign up in the background so when I went back to my camera on the tripod to check the picture-I saw it and when I turned around to look at him he was on one knee :) 
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    3 years.
  • We dated for three years, to the day depending on who you ask lol. He proposed on the anniversary of the day we met, which according to our best friends (who introduced us) is our real anniversary. (We celebrate our anniversary a month and a half later, based on our first date.)

    Neither of us was looking for a relationship but it was so effortless and natural. Still is. We knew about four months in that we wanted to eventually get married, but we were in no hurry. We've lived together for just over two years now.

    This past April, we were both quite suddenly but by the marriage bug. On the same weekend we both wanted to bring up officially getting engaged. It was kind of weird lol. We went ring shopping that weekend. The plan was for me to give him ideas, but the third or fourth ring I tried on took even his breath away and we knew. Four months later, he was still making comments about hoping we could afford my ring soon, only to surprise me with his proposal (he bought the ring Two Weeks after we picked it out!).
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