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  • Re: flower girl dress

    We did jc penny right after Easter and got her dress for like $15
  • Re: Rehearsal Dinner Confusion

    The point of a rehearsal dinner is to host your wedding party/the people that came to rehearse your wedding ceremony.  I am completely confused as to why she would be scheduling this when you have not yet set a date for the wedding.
    I read the op as they have a wedding date set, but not a date set for the rehearsal. Like my venue said they couldn't confirm the Friday before for ours until like a month out because they were hoping they could book a Friday wedding.
  • Re: Gift & Card Table Person

    I don't think parents or even a sibling would be offended to be asked to do this. Just don't blow smoke up anyone's ass saying it is an honor. It would take a few minutes to take gifts and cards either up to a room or to a car.

    Our doc didn't watch the table, but she kept an eye on the area and specified the exact location since there is a camera pointed at the front desk of the club house. Then, DHs patents offered to take anything on the table out to their trunk when the cocktail hour was over.
  • Re: I lost my gift list. What do I do?

    Is it only the GCs you don't know the exact gifter? If so, I would still thank then for the GC without specifying the store and say something you intend to purchase with them, i.e. linens since those can be purchased at target, bbb or wherever with the Visa card.
    If you don't know with other gifts, start by contacting the store since most keep track of the purchaser in their records.
  • Re: When to throw engagement party?

    Well I heard everyones voices loud and clear today so everyone can sleep well tonight knowing I will not be having an engagement party.


    Thanks for all input & good luck to all.

    Not having an e party isn't that big of a deal. No one offered for us, so we didn't have one.

    Honestly, I really don't get the big deal with them. They ate usually held right after a couple gets engaged, and I think they are just a recipe for guestlist problems down the line. Think about, most couples are just starting to think about numbers at that point, and most weddings require whittling down your list later because it always grows. Well if you invite all of your friends, or your mom hosts and insists all her friends and neighbors be invited, guess what, now all of those people MUST be invited to the wedding. How many times do we have brides coming asking if how they can save money or cut numbers?!

    If you really wanted a party, you can host your own get together...just don't call it anything related to a wedding or engagement.