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  • THE RING!! My FI decided to ask me to marry him without a ring. Cry He said he didn't know what I could or would wear for work. The more I thought about it he was right not to even try! So we set out looking for the perfect ring. This is what we found. I needed to have a ring that was totally flat. Believe me when I tell you it was hard finding a ring with bling that met that criteria. We will have solid bands. 1/4 Carat T.W. Round Diamond Ring in 10kt White Gold


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  • Dave and I looked and looked at rings...I had one certain kind in mind..and he insisted on nothing less than a carat. However, I told him I didn't want him spending that much on a ring, we have the rest of our lives for him to get me a bigger ring if he'd like to. But I was perfectly happy with 1/2 carat...When the day finally came around, he had gotten me this gorgeous ring. I had said I wasn't big on the solitaires, but once I saw it and put it on my finger, I was in love. It's perfect! Beautiful! not too big, not too small....he listened to me about sticking to 1/2 carat and I am so glad...any bigger and I think it would get in the way. This one already has been hard to get used to! He did a great job on the ring and I couldn't be happier with it!!
  • The picture is only phone quality, but you get the idea. I absolutely love my ruby ring with diamond surround and shoulders :) It is on a yellow gold shank to match the ruby, but has a white gold setting to show the diamonds - I love the vintage look. I was never a solitaire sort of girl, and I love that it's unique to us :)

    My hubby-to-be proposed to me after taking me for dinner one night, and got down on one knee in the rain outside! In hindsight he had acted strange all day, but I never dreamed why. He spotted the ring when we went shopping together a few days later and I gasped when I saw it - he bought it then and there, and the jeweller resized it so I could wear it home. We kept everything under wraps until we saw his family the week after and surprised them.

    We met when we were teenagers, and have been together ever since (six years yesterday!). I now have a wedding dress too, and we'll get married on 6th August 2011. He is even lovelier than the ring :D (But I still get caught gazing at it in wonder!)

  • My fiance proposed the day before my birthday, we went back to my hometown for a couple of days and he took me to the restaurant where we had our first date and asked me there! Turns out he had talked to both of my parents before too (even though my dad and I arent close and they actually hadnt met yet!) We sat down a couple of months before he proposed and looked at pictures and I gave him ideas but he picked it out himself. I love it and am so happy! congrats to all you ladies!!!
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  • i got engaged in july, but FINALLY got my ring this weekend! love it. blue sapphire with a subtle claddagh design. i love it :)

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  • My FI just proposed this last weekend, but I helped him out choosing the ring-- I'm extremely picky when it comes to jewelry, and I really didn't want to hurt his feelings and suggest that we return the ring he got, so we agreed to go ring-shopping together so I could show him what I liked.
    He did such a great job!! Wonderful, romantic proposal too...We're so excited!
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  • My sweetheart proposed to me on Saturday, right before I graduated from college! I had originally told him that I wanted marquise cut.  He chose the ring and surprised me! I love it! It is simple, classy, and beautiful! It fits my simple personality very well.
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  • I love looking at everyone's engagement rings!!  They're all so beautiful and reflect everyone's individual style.

    My FI proposed the night before we were going on an Alaskan cruise.  We had gone to look together and I liked a simple, classic solitare and he liked the pave style settings.  He ended up picking this out on his own which is a beautiful combination of what we both like: A raised center stone (1ct round cut) with 2 side stones on each side.  I absolutely love it!

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  • My sweetheart proposed last week on Santa's lap since he knows how much I love Christmas! We are now planning a Christmas 2011 wedding. <3
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  • He proposed 2 weeks ago! We went to a movie then to our favorite mexican food resturant where he suprised me with this amazing ring!!! I love it! I wanted something with a traditional setting but still unique! And i got it! A beautiful 1/2 carat black princess cut diamond with white and black side diamond accents!
  • The stone is from a ring my aunt gave me from the virgin islands when i was really little... it is my birthstone and i always thought it would be nice to have as my engagement ring. When my FH started dating i had given the ring to him incase he wanted to use it and i'm so glad he did! He found a vintage 1960's ring and got the stone set into it. It's the most beautiful ring i've ever seen i love it so much it's so me and i couldn't picture anything more perfect!

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  • Ok so I've been engaged for almost a year now but thought I would post my e-ring anyways!

    I picked out my ring one day and saved it on the "wish list" at the jewelers.  I told my FI that it was there when he was ready.  He asked my dad and everything and proposed on Christmas Eve 2009.

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    1/2 ct. white gold.  There is a twist in the center too.  Very pretty.  Thank you Zales!
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  • Hey everyone! My FI (of almost 2 years) just proposed on Christmas Eve. I am so excited and absolutely love my ring! We had picked my ring out together a couple of months ago at Diamond's Direct but I had no idea when the actual proposal would happen. I definitely wasn't expecting it yet, so it was a great surprise! The ring is white gold, 3/4 carat princess center diamond with pave diamonds going halfway down the band. There are also tiny diamonds in the prongs which give it that extra bit of sparkle!

  • I've been engaged since July. We got engaged on my fiance's mom birthday in one of the parks that is close to his house. My ring is a half carat round cut solitare diamond with a yellow gold band. But for christmas I am getting a new band to replace my other one which is a white Gold 1/3 carat diamond band.

  • My amazing Tacori ring. He picked it out all by himself, and I couldn't be happier. It's absolutely perfect.

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  • My fiance said he would have had an anxiety attack if he had to pick out a ring for me. His main desire was that it was something I like. I am so glad he wanted me to pick out my own ring because I wanted to pick out my own ring. lol... I wanted something slightly different than other's. So my selection which came from Ross Simons is a Simon G setting with a 3/4 carat center stone. I'm amazed at the beauty of the center stone which is a G/VS2. It's perfect!

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    I am so impressed with the ring he gave me! The center stone is a round I color/VS1/1.17 carat. The band has 10 small diamonds on each side. 

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  • my ring!! I just got engaged 2 days ago on Christmas Eve morning, on the beach at Disney world!! It was a fairytale! I am in LOVE with my ring. He picked it out one day while we were at the jewelry store for his watch and I fell in love with it! Center stone is 1.5 ct, round and SO clear!
  • My FI asked yesterday, in front of the Christmas tree under the guise that not all of the presents had been opened. He got down on one knee to pick it up, and opened the box and asked simply "Will you marry me?" I was bawling and barely got "yes" out. It was perfect for us.
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    My boyfriend of two and a half years proposed to me on Christmas morning with my grandma and sister there.  It was the sweetest thing ever!

    He wrapped a shirt box in wedding wrapping paper that said, "ring of love..." all over it.  I, of course, didn't even realize it until he pointed it out to me :)  Then, inside, he folded a pink hoodie jacket from Roxy that had two hands in the shape of a heart on it (what are the odds of him finding that in the store the day before Christmas).  He placed the ring box right in the middle of the two hands and there it was...a beautiful, custom designed, Christopher Duquet (http://www.christopherduquet.com) engagement ring.  Exactly what I had wanted! 

    Here are the CAD images from the jeweler as it was designed (it has milgrain where the smooth metal is, so it has an antiquey look to it):

    Not the best camera picture, but it's a round center diamond that's 1.05 carats with halo diamonds set in platinum.  The setting has emerald cut baguettes down each side of the band with a filigree gallery under the center stone and baguettes.  It has milgrain etching around the halo diamonds and down the sides.  Total weight is 2.5 carats. 
    Congrats to all the other girls who got engaged over the holidays!
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  • I loved it and the proposal.  There was only one slight problem...I have severe arthritis in my hands and it was so big and heavy I had to get used to wearing it.  But love (and beauty) is pain.  Besides the ring is worth it and so is my groom.  I feel blessed and happy!!!!
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  • I actually got engaged back in June of this year, and I could've sworn I posted my ring but I guess not. He proposed the night of our anniversary, as we were getting ready for bed. It was a very chill, very low-key proposal, just like us. Our wedding date is October 29th, 2011.

    1 ct princess cut center stone, pavé setting, built by my wonderful fiancé off of Blue Nile. I love knowing nobody else has my exact ring. *smiles*

    Congrats to everyone on their engagements and happy planning!
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  • My FI proposed on Christmas Eve in front of his entire family during Bad Santa. Bad Santa is where everyone can either steal a gift from someone else or open one from the pile  His brother had come in and set down a gift that was in a dvd shaped box and made a comment about funds being low this year.  I had picked my number and I got 1 (apparently all the numbers in the hat were 1's).  I picked my gift from the pile. Everyone proceed to go and pick their gifts.  It got down to the last 2 presents...his sister in law chose a gift then it was his brother's turn to go...but the only gift left was the "crappy" gift he brought...so he decided to steal mine. So how it works is now I'm basically stuck with the last gift left ....I opened up the odd shaped box and there it was a 1.2 carat solitaire stone on a diamond band! Gorgeous! I was at a loss for words.  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I was so confused/surprised lol. Of course I said yes!!! It was the best Christmas ever!!
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    The first ring he picked out, and Walmart was a disaster.. I wear a 9 and the band cracked.. I always wanted a heart diamond so we went to Zales, and Kay's. We got it at Zales. Its 1 carat. He gave it to me and told me he always wanted to see me where it, because thats his heart.. needless to say I melted.. hehe.. We have matching wedding bands blinged out in diamonds.. :)  We are getting married May 21, 2011..
  • 19 carat, white gold with a 1.02 princess-cut diamond (set in platinum). Custom -made - he did it all by himself and I am thrilled as I love the classic, simple look.
  • Oh, Christmas evening proposal :) - Christmas will always hold a extra-special place in my heart.

  • When Jeremy and I first started getting serious, We came across this ring at an antique shop.  It was love at first site.... ( I am talking about the ring)  :) ,,,,It was ment for me..... How do i know?? Here we are  4 years later ,   and its on my finger , as of Christmas Day!!! woo hoo ...... :):) am am soo happy!!

  • Purple is my favorite color, so he picked out the perfect ring for me! He proposed on 12-22-10 on the steps of my favorite local historic building - the Porcher House. His brother, his brother's girlfriend, fiance and I were taking pictures in the area around the house and he got down on one knee and surprised me! Less than five minutes later my best friend (and now maid of honor) showed up. I couldn't have asked for anything better. :)
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