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Afternoon/evening/everything in between thread.


Re: Afternoon/evening/everything in between thread.

  • LMAO. I popped in on the Customs and Traditions board and guess who posted a new thread? This time it's asking about whether or not the ring bearer should carry the actual rings.

    I think we should take a little field trip. I don't know what it is about that girl. She both amuses me and annoys me all at once.
  • I love Say Anything.  I have not seen The Woman in Black, but a few people around here seem to have watched it recently.
  • Say Anything is up there with You've Got Mail. Just an awesome movie.

    I haven't seen either Devil Inside or Woman in Black, but I heard they were both cut from the same cloth. I also heard if you've seen the Others you're basically seen a slightly different version of it in Woman.
  • A floating cooler is a good thing to have at a lake :).
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Afternoon/evening/everything in between thread.</a>:
    [QUOTE]Evening ladies!  We had a successful trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I got a new pillow since mine was flat, and a spice organizer (one of those sliding ones - it's pretty awesome). H had to have the <strong>bobber cooler for the lake</strong>.  Apparently, it floats.  Now, we won't have to go back upstairs to get beer when we're in the lake.  That'll be neat.
    Posted by Holly4212011[/QUOTE]

    <div>My H would have field day with this! </div><div>
    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
  • Wait, they really make those? All last summer MOH and I would be floating in her pool talking about how we needed to find a floating cooler. I didn't really think they existed though. I've never seen them anywhere around here.
  • I'm so going on the hunt for one at BBB tomorrow. Watch they don't have any. Our plan this year was to get an extra floating mat and just balance a small cooler on it.

    Looper, in college we had a Say Anything poster in our living room. It's the one with Lloyd holding up the boom box. Sometimes I miss being able to get away with decorating your house in random posters.
  • In college we had a Jonathan Taylor Thomas poster on our door - mind you this was in 1997, so he was about 12 to our 18 years old but still... 
  • JTT!! My cousin and I were in love with him! I've seen Tom and Huck more times than I'll ever admit!! In 97 I was a freshman in high school, so not that far off from you in college!
  • Well... 600 and some posts and 6 hours later, I'm going to bed. I'm going to my grandmom's with my mom to mulch grandmom's garden tomorrow. We planted 5 beds a few weeks ago and never got to finish the mulch.

    It's been fun. Night all!
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    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
  • Anyone still here?
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