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    RWS2011RWS2011 member
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    I concur... Also, your siggy pic is fucking adorable.
    THIS!  :)

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    I concur... Also, your siggy pic is fucking adorable.
    I have to agree with this as well, Liv!
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    edited May 2013

    Thank you for your feedback, everyone!

    @Belle2188 @leia1979 We are currently working on the glitch of OP/replies missing on the boards. As of tomorrow all of the community boards will be updated to the new format; this should lessen the amount of any missing info.

    @PrincessBride2016 @kmbryant2413 We are also looking into why old signatures have been removed. In the meantime, you can edit your signature in the Account Options -> Preferences -> Signature Settings.

    The post counts should also be updated once everything is moved to the new format.

    @kmbryant2413 A delete option will be available for everyone soon and will be located in the same ‘options’ icon that currently allow you to edit a post.

    Inboxes will also be migrated fully after all boards are updated tomorrow.

    @cschinao @cu97tiger Board sorting by ‘recent reply’ is available in the new format. Next to the discussions on the right is a ‘Sort by’ option. You can choose ‘Most recent activity’ and click Go.

    @leia1979 Are you still getting the error message for posting replies?

    @lennonkdc We will share more ways to get points soon!

    @Stina51286 Are you still having trouble with opening a new thread?

    ETA: All old PM messages will be erased on May 31st. Please save any conversations that you'd like to keep.

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    @knotporscha- no, but PMs are still wonky.


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    @KnotPorsha Thanks! Another question, for your next round on the boards :) - With the new mobile format, will PMs be available? 
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    leia1979leia1979 member
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    edited May 2013
    @KnotPorscha - I don't always notice the error message. I'm not certain if it doesn't always happen or I've just become used to it. It always posts despite the message, and I did still see the message as recently as yesterday.

    I'm using Firefox on OSX10.6 at home and OSX10.8 at work and have seen it in both places.

    ETA: I saw no message when this posted, so it must have become a sporadic issue.
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    @KnotPorscha when I post from internet explorer it asks me to log in again and just says connecting but never logs me back in to post again.


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    @danser55 @leia1979 @kmbryant2413 @stina51286

    Hi Ladies! Thank you for getting back to me. We had quite a few glitches over the weekend so I will add this to my list to review with our tech team today. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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