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Worst Wedding You've Ever Been To?


Re: Worst Wedding You've Ever Been To?

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    banana468 said:
    I still don't get how it's "bad" to not allow  the nursing child.   Several moms deal with this for work....

    Anyway, the worst one I went to was bad at the beginning:
    -Pastor started the ceremony by saying, "In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve.   NOT Adam and STEVE."
    -Later in the ceremony, same pastor said that the ring was a sign that the bride was the groom's most valuable possession.    Somehow the groom wasn't owned by the bride though.
    -Later on at the reception, they had a cash bar and their entertainment was a dude on a keyboard playing classics like Girl From Ipanema.

    Another not so fun wedding was when DH was a GM:
    -Head table that split the two of us.    At least they had the courtesy to seat me with mutual friends though.
    -Cash bar for ALL beverages except the wine pour with the meal.   My Diet Coke was 3 bucks! 
    -The above didn't apply to the wedding party who had free drinks for the entire time.  

    Awkward shit pastors say:

    I was once at a wedding where the pastor kept making analogies that marriage is like slavery, but its totes okay cause slavery in the bible wasn't bad!

    And a different wedding had the Pastor use the story of Jacob and Rachel,.......... the groom had also dated the brides sister before. It was awkward. It really made it look like the bride was "settling:"

    The slavery wedding had a cocktail reception, there wasn't enough food. Not an etiquette issue so much as lack of planning. I haven't really been to a bad wedding.

    Stuck in the box again ...

    I got one! BF's cousin's wedding - the priest kept talking about how brides in Africa were traded for cows and told the groom he had a "two-cow bride." No I am not making this up.
  • kelceya said:
    The worst wedding I have ever been too would have to have been my dad's second wedding. Of course, it didn't help that my sisters and I don't like my stepmom and weren't happy with the wedding to begin with, but then the wedding itself sucked.

    First of all, it was on a Thursday. The bride wanted a late December wedding, but the last weekend of December was Christmas day, so she chose to have it on a Thursday instead.

    Second, it was freezing. Probably around 40 degrees. Which for someone in Phx, AZ it means that you feel like you're going to turn into an icicle. When the guests arrived at the venue, they were made to wait outside. In the cold. And of course, the ceremony began late because the bride was running behind and ended up wanting to take more pictures than originally planned. DS1 was four months old at the time, and FI had to skip the ceremony and wait inside with our son because it was way too cold for him to be out there for so long.

    Cocktail hour was outside as well, with no drinks or appetizers. But at least there were heaters that everyone got to snuggle around.

    The food was quite good, so no complaints there. However, there was a cash bar. At least soda was free.
    There was a head table, and while most of the bridal party got to sit with their SOs, one did not. One wife was excluded from the head table where her husband, a GM, sat. (We later found out that this GM had been sleeping with one of the BMs for months at that point, and the wife had no clue).
    And it's not against etiquette, but there were way too many "dances". At least the first half hour - forty five minutes there was special dance after special dance. It's just annoying.

    And then came the toasts. The bride's father gave a creepy speech about how she pursued the groom (all about photo of him on her desk and visualizing how one day she would have him). At the end of the speech he addressed the groom (my dad) and complimented him on trading up families. Yup, trading up families.

    The bride's brother caught the garter, and proceeded to wear it on his own thigh for the rest of the evening. Just awkward.

    Just an overall unpleasant evening.

    Wait, if there were no drinks or appetizers, how was that a cocktail hour? That just sounds like...an hour.
    Haha yeah I guess that's a good point. It was more of a gap than a cocktail hour, except the ceremony and reception were at the same place and we were all still there.

    PrettyGirlLost[Deleted User]
  • behsco90behsco90 Oregon member
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    I've never been to a really terrible wedding, but my cousin broke a few etiquette rules at her wedding this summer.

    -the one invitation was sent to my parents house (my adult brother and I both living at home at the time) and was addressed to just my parents, however my brother and I were both invited
    -the invite said formal attire at the bottom
    -my boyfriend was not invited even though I asked well beforehand, not to mention he works for my family's company and is pretty much a part of my family. Then 3 weeks before the wedding my aunt called my dad and said my boyfriend could come since they received enough "no's". Yeah uh no thanks. Can't afford a $600 flight...
    -she never sent a thank you note
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  • I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to weddings, but I've been to a couple awful ones. I've been to plenty with cash bars (midwest...) and it didn't bother me at all. I've gone to weddings with gaps- yeah, it happens.

    The worst one was held at a summer camp. We had to walk quite far on mulch to get to the ceremony location. It was right on the river at sunset, which means gnats and mosquitoes and dead fish. I know that you can't always predict those thing, but we live in a river town. Everyone knows that the gnats are bad by the river. The ceremony started 30 minutes late (so 4:30) and lasted over an hour. I was so freaking uncomfortable. After the ceremony, everyone filed over to the gym, where the reception was being held. We waited outside the gym for one hour until the doors opened. After the doors opened cocktail hour started. There was a single line for appetizers for over 250 people, and they ran out after 100 people. The only drinks they had were water and iced tea, which is fine, but every time I went up to simply get some water, there was none available. It's 7:30 at this point, and the bride and groom do a grand entrance, and then come to visit every single table. It's 8:30, and dinner service starts. There is a single buffet line. I was one of the last tables called. I sit down to eat at 9:30. They do cake cutting right around that time, and the cake is all put out as part of a dessert buffet. Again, a huge line for cake. They ask everyone to sit down for dances. Both the bride and groom had step parents, so there were 5 dances and a bridal party dance. Six dances we had to watch. They open the dance floor, and it's now 10:30. I get in line for cake. At 11, the DJ announces that the reception is over. ....I basically spent the entire time waiting.
  • APDSS22APDSS22 O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A is OK member
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    edited September 2013
    I know I've posted about the worst one I've went to before.  I'll probably miss some of the horrid details but here goes.

    It was at a garden (lovely) but inside because it was super cold outside.  There weren't enough chairs.  Those of us lucky enough to get a chair were practically sitting on top of each other.  Luckily, I was seated between my husband (then FI) and a girl friend of mine so it at least wasn't awkward.  They gave us colored fans (that were also the programs!)  Which was great because that many people sitting on each other gets a little sticky.  (Too bad the fans weren't effective...)  Still not sure what her wedding colors were because the invite was one color, the fans were two different other colors and there wasn't really a color to be found at the reception.  My escort card said "MyName and Guest" yeah, they knew my husband's (then FI's) name.  They had met him before. 

    My friends and I that had worked with the bride were all shoved at the back next to a drafty door.  Which meant that we got our food last (cold and gross).  But at least we got to sit together!  One poor girl was at a table by herself so we asked her to join us at ours so she wouldn't be sitting alone. The alcohol was free, but SUPER strong.  Everyone was very happy after one drink and I couldn't finish my first one.  The music was so loud that you couldn't hear a person yelling into your ear.  Literally.  Because we tried that when we decided to say goodbye to the couple because we had to drive the 2 hours back to where we lived at the time.  The volume reached the appropriate level around the bathroom.  Which was outside.  There was apparently another bathroom inside but it was a secret that only the bridal party knew about.  Still waiting on a thank you from that one.

    ETA: This was a fairly good friend of mine.  I never have told her how offended I was by the cold gross food, them calling my significant other a "Guest" and how awkward the bathroom thing was. 

    mrsfinni[Deleted User]
  • @grumbledore wow that is a doozey! I have been following the thread since it started waiting to see what your worst one is. That really takes the cake. 

    My cousin was a BM with a bridezilla that sounds very similar to your experience and she is not really talking to the bride anymore. God bless you that you are such a nice person and still friends with the girl. 
  • edited September 2013
    I've been to 2 weddings that REALLY stuck out as awful.

    1)  Had a cash bar.  It was EXPENSIVE too!  $10/drink.  The wedding was a friend of DH's.  They invited DH's circle of friends, and invited one friend's parents (but no one else's parents)...because they're rich.  And they were obviously hunting for a large check.  The rich parents ended up paying for everyone's drinks because they were so disgusted by the cash bar.  The food was AWFUL.  The wedding ceremony was at 7 AM and the "lunch" started at 10:30am.  It was PAINFULLY obvious that it was all being done on the CHEAP.

    ETA:  The shower was a "jack and jill shower".  Where you paid an ADMISSION fee, then were solicited to buy raffle tickets.  They were raffling off gift baskets that the BP PAID FOR.  The food was cold pizza.  And another cash bar.

    2)  The cocktail hour was outdoors and it was FREEZING.  The reception site refused to let the guests in until it was "time".  So people sat in their cars because of how cold it was.  THEN the speeches...OMG the speeches.  The best man's speech was, "They say a good best man's speech should take no longer than it takes for the groom to fuck on his wedding night.  So thanks for coming out everyone."  The MOH's speech.... for reference, the MOH and Bride are twins.  The Bride met the Groom through the MOH, who was in the military with the Groom.  MOH gets up there and says, "Groom, you couldn't have me, so you had my sister."

    I was MORTIFIED for the couple.  It was SO awkward.  You could hear a pin drop.  I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and say, "You've just been punked."
  • kristbot said:
    I've got 2 weddings that stand out in my mind:

    - Gap for photos where nothing was hosted. 
    - Cold buffet dinner with no seconds where tables were called up excruciatingly slow and there was very little left by the time my table was called. 
    - Cash bar 
    - Not enough cake for everyone when it was served
    - Dollar dance
    - FI and I were so hungry by the end of the night we went to McDonald's and it tasted like a 5 star meal

    - Massive snowstorm hit and we still made our way into the city to go
    - MOB looked at us when we arrived all bundled up (after trekking through 1-2 ft deep snowdrifts) and asked why we weren't dressed properly for a wedding (we had changes of shoes, etc., in our bags)
    - MOB came up to us again and said, "Thanks for coming, fuck everyone who isn't here." (Umm, there is an awful, raging, snowstorm outside, cut people some slack)
    - Cash bar for everyone except BP and immediate families.
    - Our coats were "misplaced" then miraculously found with empty pockets.
    - MOH was wasted and gave a profanity-laced speech and then forgot she already gave her speech and gave it again.
    - 7pm wedding with no dinner and not enough seats for everyone.
    That's why winter weddings or any time of year where terrible weather could be expected are cheaper to book, way too much risk for me. 
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  • The one wedding I was a BM in was pretty awful. She changed her mind on dresses, from black with camo shoes and sashes (ugh) to a red high-low dress, to any floor length apple dress from DB. It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't emailed us each time saying that "this was the dress, go get it." Thankfully I knew she was wishy washy and waited until 2 months out and bought a used dress off ebay. She demanded we all wear our hair up, which I didn't mind so much, but she insisted on being informed who was doing our hair so she could approve. I did my own.

    Bride insisted I be at the venue, dress on, makeup and hair done, for pictures at 1pm, for a 4 pm ceremony. I get there, NO ONE is dressed or anything. They weren't ready until 4:30. Bride frowns all through ceremony. Pastor forgets the couple's names and forgets to do ring exchange. We had to STAND through a 30 minutes slideshow that took 15 minutes to get working, in an unair-conditioned church in June in Texas. One bm passed out. Then bride snapped at me because I went to go pee before we did pictures, and sent someone after me so I could hurry up and wait 20 more minutes before the bms did pictures. Bride frowned and snapped at people all through pictures. It was a cake and punch reception at 5 pm, and the bridal party was expected to stay and clean up. I think I saw my friend smile a handful of times. It was awful. She's having a PPD next year to redo.

    My cousin invited 200 people to her wedding and had the ceremony in a church that seated 50, and half the pews were broken and unusable. People were so cramped in the back and in the aisle the bride and bridal party had to fight their way through. Most of the guests had to wait outside. During the reception, the money dance lasted for 5 songs, and after each song the DJ said "one more." Nobody was doing it after the first song, so it was just awkward.
  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing Alaska member
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    I don't have any particularly bad ones. My cousin's wedding had several annoyances though.

    -I did not get an invitation. My cousin and I are super close and I couldn't believe he wouldn't invite me. I mentioned to my mom that I didn't get an invitation and she said "Oh yea, we got one and your name was on it too." Never mind that I've lived 1100 miles away from my parents for three years and haven't been back in over a year. Also, my cousin knew my no one in my family (except possibly me) could attend (he'd called my parents shortly after getting engaged) so my parent's invitation was a courtesy invitation that my parents looked at and then forgot about immediately.

    -because I was included on my parent's invitation, my then-BF (at the time of the wedding, he had become my FI) was not invited. It wasn't a huge deal because we were long distance at the time, but still, it was annoying.

    -The bride made me stand up for the bouquet toss, even though I was engaged. The other girls stood up and I just sat in my seat. She called my name and said come on. I said no, I'm engaged and she said that still counts, come on. So I stood up to not make a scene. I just stood there while the other girls dove for it.

    Also, while discussing my wedding a few months after their's, the bride said to me that no one got their own invitation "unless they're married or over 30."

    I still am close with them and love them to death but I'm still annoyed at being forced to join the bouquet toss and not getting an invitation.

    ETA: I just wanted to thank @knotporscha or @knotOITguys for allowing mobile posts to keep formatting! I posted this on mobile and look at all those wonderful paragraphs!

  • I almost feel bad posting this but...

    My worst wedding wasn't in the "low-rent behavior category" (though I judge all of the following harshly: evites, cash bars of any kind, large gaps (though I forgive that somewhat when it's a Catholic wedding), lack of prompt thank yous or pre-printed thank yous, updating your Facebook relationship status from your phone between the ceremony and the reception). My worst wedding was truly...

    Man, I know people want to have the people they love in their wedding party, but if one of those people is an alcoholic then I advise second guessing that.

    In the wedding in question, I was actually the officiant. One of the bridemaids was, unfortunately, an alcoholic. Her significant other was "charged" with babysitting her during the day to make sure that she didn't drink. As anybody who's ever known an alcoholic knows, this is an impossible task. Especially during the day of a wedding then wedding party members have lots of down time. 

    We begin the ceremony. We get to the unity candle. As they're standing there with the unity candles, I notice that the bride's mother in the front row is motioning frantically to one of the other bridesmaids. I turn my head to the right to see what is happening just in time to see...

    The drunk bridesmaid pitch forward and fall into the bride, lit candle flying across the room. 

    Worst wedding ever -and in the tragic way. That bride and groom will never have a beautiful memory of their ceremony. They they are at 5 years this year and doing a vow renewal. Here's hoping they can overwrite that moment.
  • Most of the weddings I've been to have been fine.  A few random things here and there caused sideways glances. 

    Only one sticks out.  One of my good friends had horrible speeches by the BM and MOH.  The MOH (bride's sister) spent the majority of the speech talking about herself.  When she finally turned to the couple and even though she had known the groom for over 7 years, she went on about how she was looking forward to getting to know him (the sentiment sounded disingenuous). She made it seemed like he was a complete stranger to the family.  The BM was pretty terrible and only managed to say "congratulations to you both" before he sat down and drunk himself into oblivion. 

    I felt bad for my friend, both relationships took a drastic turn post wedding.
  • PPD with a full catholic mass + a gap (but we entertained ourselves at a bar catching up with old friends, so I guess I will forgive that part).  There was an open bar at the reception (beer/wine) so at least we were hosted well.  The thing that bugged me the most was I still have not received a thank you for the bridal shower gift I sent, and I did not receive a thank you for the wedding gift yet either (wedding was 4 months ago). I guess I still have 2 months before I officially judge the thank you, but still.  She had a honeyfund too (I gave her a check instead). 

  • Worst Wedding was one I actually didn't go to. Being the Maid of Honor, and having a new buisness I wasn't able to make it to the showers, however planned a Bachelorette party Which the bride insisted be on Derby Day in Louisville, even though we did nothing derby related. The Groom and brides Brother in law were at the bar with us that night, yet her sisters weren't her I'm pretty sure her I fell asleep on her BIL's shoulder because I was so bored since she didn't want to do anything but drink and get sloppy drunk but wouldn't dance or anything in front of the groom.

    Fast forward a week after I am left to find my own dress on my own since she found two matching for her sister on Macy's clearence rack but they didn't have my size. I finally find one while I am out of town. Only to get an e-mail accusing me of being miserable and my Boyfriend (now FI) of being abusive and that she wants nothing to do with me, cannot be my friend anymore, and I am not welcomed at her wedding....

    Another note this was the 3rd date she had planned after I had adjusted my work schedule 3 times the previous 2 years only to have those fall through

  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 Figment of Your Imagination member
    2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    I can't come close to the rest of you, because I really haven't ever been to a BAD wedding.  I did attend one after college that was in an unairconditioned church in July. The buttercream frosting on the cake melted and it slid off onto the table. And there was tongue at the altar. They made it very clear they couldn't wait to get started on the honeymoon (they waited until the wedding for sex).
  • LondonLisaLondonLisa London, UK member
    Seventh Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    I have been to some great weddings (and a few not so great!) but one takes the cake. It was school friends of Fi. To make a long story short here is what happened:
    1.) Pass the plate collection to PAY for the church ceremony during the ceremony (I don't know what they planned to do if they hadn't collected enough).
    2.) Huge gap (3+ hours) of being stuck in an overcrowded room with no food and a (very expensive) cash bar.
    3.) we were sat in a secondary room. When they made the speeches, we had to awkwardly get up and stand in between the tables in the main room.
    4.) food was disgusting! 
    5.) They invited people to come after the meal! Because their photos took so long, they had to stand around and watch us finish eating. It was awful!
    6.) The "entertainment" was the groom's band (who were really, really bad and loud.) Our "favour" was a cd of their music. 
    7.) On the invitation they demanded money to send them on honeymoon.
    8.) The venue was a nice hotel- we were wondering how they could afford it when everything else was so cheap and it turns out the couple had the hotel charge their guests a higher overnight rate for staying their to supplement the cost of hiring the dining room.
    9.) Over a year later, no thank you note, no phone call, just complete radio silence from them. 

    I've just written them off as total jerks!
  • I've never been to a bad wedding (that I remember) but the one that keeps sticking out to me everytime I see this thread was for my dad's family. I think it was his brother or some other close family member and the wedding itself was small but nice, from what I remember (I was around 11?) I believe it was an open bar, no gap, actual food, etc. Though I did eat a shrimp thinking it was chicken and that was just awful to me at that age lol.

    But the bride's drunk and depressed brother walked into traffic at the very end of the reception. I had left already. We still don't know if he did it on purpose or was too drunk to realize. Can you imagine your brother dying on your wedding night? I feel awful for them.

    After 6 years and 2 boys, finally tying the knot on October 27th, 2013!

  • acove2006 said:

    I've never been to a bad wedding (that I remember) but the one that keeps sticking out to me everytime I see this thread was for my dad's family. I think it was his brother or some other close family member and the wedding itself was small but nice, from what I remember (I was around 11?) I believe it was an open bar, no gap, actual food, etc. Though I did eat a shrimp thinking it was chicken and that was just awful to me at that age lol.

    But the bride's drunk and depressed brother walked into traffic at the very end of the reception. I had left already. We still don't know if he did it on purpose or was too drunk to realize. Can you imagine your brother dying on your wedding night? I feel awful for them.

    Oh my god!
    That's awful!! That poor bride - I can't even imagine how horrible that must have been for her, her new husband, and their entire family.
    PrettyGirlLost[Deleted User]
  •  idk what is wrong with some people!

    My FI was a groomsmen in one of his best friends weddings back in July...literally every detail was tacky tacky tacky! This is what pissed me off in no particular order:

    -cash bar all night

    -facebook invite to just FI (he asked other groomsmen if they got the same thing and all said yes) 3 weeks before the wedding they all got another facebook message saying "oh, btw groomsmen can bring a date if you really want to but if you are not in serious relationships please consider we are on a budget" like really?!?!

    -semi destination wedding, no flying but 3 hour drive so we had to get a hotel for 2 nights. Bride emails everyone saying that the rehearsal dinner is a bridal party only event and if they wanted their SO's to come out bar hopping afterwards they were welcome to join after 11! So I ended up ordering room service and renting a movie with a few other girlfriends of GM

    -outside ceremony in 100 degree weather with no fans, bride was over an hour late.

    -crazy long receiving line followed by multiple hours of pictures with again cash bar for other guests and only a very small cheese/veggie plate that ran out within 30 minutes.

    - head table, sat with all strangers

    - very dry unappealing chicken for dinner

    -dj was playing all the best dancing songs DURING dinner and then these weird slow jazz songs afterwards?

    -speeches went on forever

    - didn't even get to try the cake...literally went to the bathroom for 5 minutes and the waiters had already cleared it

    -no set schedule of where/when FI was supposed to be as a groomsmen...everything was handled through very disorganized text threads

    -gave a very generous cash gift & no thank you at all

    - theres probably more but that's all I can think of right now, the end :)



  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    I hate to say this, but my cousin's was pretty bad. The church and the reception site were very far away from each other. There was a cash bar. Buffet style and no where near enough food. My date didn't even get a dinner. This is not her fault, but her husband's family showed up in jeans. I was seriously shocked. 

    I went to a wedding last year where the bride called me looking for her HM registry gift from me. I believe I shared that story here. Her wedding was great except for the fact that when she was doing the bouquet toss, she had the DJ call me out to come up to the dance floor. It was extremely embarrassing. 

    Another wedding I went to years ago with my ex. Church and reception site were 2 hours apart. The brides family was Spanish and the entire reception was in Spanish. Her husband, his family and most of his friends did not understand Spanish. We had no idea what was going on. The wedding was on a Sunday night and we weren't served dinner until almost 9:30PM. 

  • allisonwaysinallisonwaysin member
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    Worst wedding I have ever been to was entirely in Spanish! I couldn't understand a thing. The groom's entire family were Puerto Rican and did not understand English, so everything was in Spanish to accommodate. I missed all the important moments that usually make me tear :(
    Yet, the good news was that it was a destination wedding IN Puerto Rico, so I was able to show off my new monokini :) All was not lost.
  • I once went to a wedding where the bride had, leading up to the wedding, continuously RAVED about the DJ she and her (now-)husband had hired. We get to the reception, and the DJ is one of the worst ones I've ever heard. Other than the first dance and the parents/children dances, so one was dancing other than *maybe* 3 or 4 songs that are actually popular (and "danceable") at weddings. 95% of the guests had taken the school bus hired by the couple to the location (about 1'2 hours outside of the big city where everyone was staying), so no one could leave early even if they wanted to...

    This was just one part of the overall wedding that made the whole experience a not-so-pleasant memory. I was the maid of honor, wearing a dress that probably had more material in its label than in the actual dress, the ceremony and reception were outside at this garden/woodsy area, it was about 45 degrees that day and raining on and off with no back-up plan in the (likely) event of rain (and come on, when you live in the Pacific Northwest, you should expect there might be rain!).

    Cash bar, but only offered red wine and 1 brand of beer - no white wine, no soda or juice. I stayed with my yummy water. They had a head table and due to some no-shows, my fiance was seated at a table in the corner literally by himself. Eight place settings, and he was the only one. He also did not know anyone except for me. I ended up taking my place card and sat with him for the toasts/speeches, dinner instead of next to the bride. I don't think she was too happy about that but, sorry, bride, my guy comes first...

    The buffet food, surprisingly, was pretty delicious! The cake was also good - not amazing, but the average tasty sugary slice of wedding cake.

    She's now been in touch more than usual the last month or so...she wants to help me plan MY wedding, cause she thinks her wedding was so damn wonderful and successful...
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    PrettyGirlLost[Deleted User]mrsfinni
  • laurynm84 said:
    ElcaB said:
    I haven't been to any utterly horrible weddings, but I do recall one wedding I attended where there was no DJ, just an iPod. This wouldn't normally bother me, except that the iPod wasn't even set to a playlist. It was playing all these weird slow songs and songs about break ups and stuff, so it was really awkward. This couple also had a kissing jar. Ew. 

    At another wedding, the B&G did the shoe-in-the-air game. Lameness. 
    What is wrong with the shoe game?  I've actually never been to a wedding that did this, but our DJ suggested it.  It's not an etiquette issue, you just don't like it? I'd rather that than the stupid centerpiece games they do with the dollar.
    @Laurynm84, I just don't like it. I don't really care thinks who is the worst driver or best joke teller. As a guest, I find it (and most games like it) ho-hum and kind of boring. I'd rather bust a move on the dance floor. 
  • I have two similar situations from the same family (co-workers of my FI).


    At both weddings, there was a 90 minute gap between the end of the ceremony and the reception (even though the venues were less than 30 minutes apart - so basically the most annoyingly timed gap because you can't go ANYWHERE for an extra 60 minutes). 


    Then they did that thing at the receptions where they figure "it's a buffet and everyone won't want to eat at the same time, so we don't need to have enough seats for everyone."  False.  Everyone will want to eat dinner at 7, because your ceremony was at 4:30 and we've been dealing with this wedding since then.  So FI and I decided to be nice and wait until a table opened up (about an extra hour), all while starving.  Finally, we go to get food, and it's not even enough to constitute a complete meal.  There is a small carving station and some veggies, nothing else.  By the time we ate, most of the food was cold.  No cake either (this family is very "healthy" and doesn't eat much.  apparently they assume their guests don't eat much either.)


    After both events, which we left as early as acceptable, we had to stop at a fast food restaurant to have an actual meal.  Booze was included though, so i guess that's a plus?  I don't actually recall ever getting thank you notes for either wedding, but that seems out of character, so maybe i'm just forgetting things.


    Also, for both of them, our invitation was made out to FI'sFirstName and MyFirstName FI'sLastName, even though we weren't even engaged yet for at least one of them.  So i guess they just didn't want to ask for my last name?

  • Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about the wedding that had "appetizers" during meal time. Only they didn't have nearly enough. We were some of the last to go through and kid you not, there was nothing left! When we asked, The catering company ran back and scrounged together some tiny carrots....needless to say I was starved, cranky and drunk by the end of the night due to lack of food.

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