What is the average cost of wedding flowers?


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  • In Response to Re:What is the average cost of wedding flowers?:[QUOTE]In Response to Re: What is the average cost of wedding flowers?:are there any amnts from people in 2013? nbsp;just trying to get a better idea.Posted by cmperry17We just got our proposal back we live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and for my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, 10 boutonnieres,nbsp;6 corsages,nbsp;and flower girl petals/petals for decoration it came out to 589.00nbsp;with taxes My wedding is in 2014 :After reading some of these quotes I think I'm gonna go hug my florist now! Posted by ktargonski[/QUOTE]

    I live in DFW area my wedding is in 2014 too!!! Who's your florist?!?!?!
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    OH and the centerpieces are mason jars. My dad has made jelly forever (since before I was born) so we have tons of mason jars. I am decorating the jars using small budded branches from our nectarine tree in the backyard. I cut them all to a certain length, kept the buds on and stored them away. I am going to glue them to fabric that will then be wrapped around the mason jar. It will look very cute. Best of all, its all completely free. I even got wood slabs to put the center pieces on because my dad cut down a tree this year and made small slabs for me.

    Having your centerpieces and flowers done by other people can be easier, but it is usually 10x more expensive. It really just depends on how fancy you want to get with your decoration. DIY-ing your own stuff can usually save tons of money.

    Good luck girls!
  • that is more than my entire wedding budget!  We are using Posh Studios on etsy for paper flower bouquets.   I wanted something TOTALLY different since it's my 2nd wedding ... and I fell in love...  bridal bouquet, 1MOH, 2 BM, 4 bouts, flower girl petals, flower girl wand, toss bouquet and flowers for centerpieces for around $400.    I cannot wait to see them!!!
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  • As an experienced wedding DIYer, my own wedding florals (25 30" tall centerpieces consisting of orchids, ginger flower, bird of paradise, 2 bridesmaid bouquets of mango calla lilies, 2 matching boutonnieres, 1 groom boutonnier consisting of gloriosa lily, and bride's bouquet consisting of orchids, callas, and roses) including all the stuff needed to make them came out to $2500.  Mind you, that's wholesale pricing considering I have the permits to get them from the wholesaler.  So I do think your quote is over the top, but I agree the best comparison would be getting other quotes.  Another thing to consider is if your wedding is on Valentine's of Mother's Day, be prepared to pay the biggest bucks for flowers as those 2 days are the busiest for florists.
  • Oh well, this was a depressing thread to read. I obviously have no idea what I'm doing - I had budgeted $1,000 total for flowers AND venue decorations for my New England wedding. Granted, it's only 40 people / 5 tables, but probably still unrealistic. I guess I'm definitely going DIY!
  • I know how you feel. I'm also having a New England wedding and have no idea what I'm doing. My husband and I got married back in 2010 while I was pregnant. We had a simple shotgun wedding in the yard and all I was wearing as a crappy plaid sundress. It was a rough time for money so we decided on our 5 year aniversary we're going to renew our vows and have a real wedding. I'm probably looking around 40-50 people at most. My husband wants to spend only $2,000, my father says I can do it under $1,000, but I'm trying to think more realistically. I'm sure we could do it rather cheap but I want something a bit more. I'm not sure I can do that looking at these prices.
  • I think the amount, and kinds of flower you pick have a huge impact. I had my flowers, 4 bm, groom, 4 gm, 3 extra boutineers (dads & godfather) and 5 coursages (mom's godmothers & special guest). Plus two arrangements for at church all about $1000. We didn't do any flowers for reception. We did candle centerpieces provided by venue
  • Can you guys tell us what kinds of flowers are being used in your arrangements? I know that variety of flowers makes a huge impact on cost. Some cost 25 cents at wholes sale and some can be upwards of $20 a stem. .
  • Thanks for sharing...I am just getting started and this gives me a basic idea of what we are working with :)

  • Oh well, this was a depressing thread to read. I obviously have no idea what I'm doing - I had budgeted $1,000 total for flowers AND venue decorations for my New England wedding. Granted, it's only 40 people / 5 tables, but probably still unrealistic. I guess I'm definitely going DIY!

    Don't be depressed!  Your budget is definitely possible !

    My wedding will be in Maine this September.  My florist bill is coming in around $750, and that includes 7 centerpieces, 2 maid bouquets, a bridal wrist corsage, 3 pin corsages, and loose flowers for cake table and hair deco .  We're using roses, carnations, blue thistle, mums, various greenery and wildflowers, peacock feathers, and baby's breath.

    Our florist is really working with us on budget by suggesting differing flowers that might be cheaper but achieve the same look, and asked for me to set up a special pinterest board that she could follow so that she could visually get the feel and flavor of what I want.

  • I agree my budget is 500. 8k is too much.

  • on flowers that people hold are pinned to them.. bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres im spending ~$500.00
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  • I am also in the DFW area and looking for a florist, who did you go with? 
  • I'm not going to have real flowers. I ordered my flowers from SongsFromTheGarden on Etsy

    1 bridal bouquet with 24 callas accented with black silk hydrangea collar - $125
    1 toss bouquet - petite version of bridal bouquet - $30
    1 groom's boutonniere - white calla with black hydrangea accent - $10
    4 bridesmaid white calla bouquets with 12 callas each with grey-silver and black ribbon wrap - $40 each
    4 matching boutonnieres - $10 each

    Total - $365 plus free shipping in US

    If interested, you can see my order under the "Reserved" listings. I'm going to have order more things later. There won;t be any flowers in the centerpieces or for other decorative purposes.
    ~*~June 21, 2014~*~

  • I am spending $4,000. I am getting my bouquet, 7 bridesmaids bouquets, a flower girl bouquet, a toss bouquet, all of the bouteniers and corsages for groomsmen and parents/grandparents, half high/ half low center pieces with crystals and candelabra holders, and a big entrance piece. I am getting married on Long Island and found the prices were between 3300-4000 for what I wanted. Hope this helps!
  • How do you do your own flowers? Storing them and the time to put arrangements together? It doesn't seem easy.
  • Where do you live? I'm in the Los Angeles area and that sounds very similar to what I need. What kind of flowers are you. Using? I just got a quote for $4,400.
  • are trying to compare apples to all depends on the flowers and size of your arrangements you have requested.So it's not fair to judge the $8000 quote with out knowing specifics. I would certainly suggest visiting a few florists and make a decision on #1 their work/reputation #2how you connect with the florist-are you comfortable,do they know what they are talking about? #3 the price.........sometimes the old adage "you get what you pay for" is so very true.
  • My florist gave me a $5.00 per centerpiece discount for bringing him the vaces I wanted to use. I got them at the Dollar Tree. (They take AMX and ship. If you need them to.) For ceremony and reception flowers ( circus roses) my bill is 1,000. Birmingham,AL
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    $8000 for flowers?  What is your entire wedding budget?  
  • I just got a quote from my florist who is a friend and helping me out a bit for $450 which includes 1 bride bouquet 4 bride maids boquet 5 pin ons for the groom and groomsmen and also 10 diff style pin ons for the mothers fathers grandparents etc. Also 18 tables with vases. Not to mention my friend is doing my trellace as a gift.
  • Also a toss bouquet a small boquet for flower girl and a small pin on for ring bearer
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    I think it depends on a lot of factors, location, the florist themselves, if they are simply flowers or if they do more than that, the types of flowers, number of arrangements, etc. I've also heard floral costs between 8-15% of the wedding budget. I'm getting married in December in Napa my floral estimate is $7,500. This is for my bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 8 boutonnieres, 3 mini bouquets for my mom, the mother of the groom and grandmother of the groom, a flower wand for the flower girl, approximately 6 large table centerpieces and 6 small, the ceremony decor, and reception decor, she's even creating hanging floral pieces from the large chandeliers in the reception space. She is absolutely amazing though! She is even providing candles, hanging glass globes, etc. So like many other people have said, it just depends on the factors and location of your wedding. 
  • Where in dallas/ft worth did you go? I live in the area and because of the venue/catering cost I do not want to spend more than 1000 on flowers.
  • I have negotiated a package for $650.00 using ivory roses and alstomeria (in season flowers work best to keep pricing down).  I am getting a bridal bouquet, a toss bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 boutineers, 3 mothers corsages, 10 pew arrangements that will double as my centerpeices, and 2 alter peices that will double for the head table arrangements.  I believe it's a very very good price for all that I am getting.  My florist is also helping to do the cake decor since I'm also using fresh flowers on it as well.  
  • I went to someone today and she threw in a few extra things for us (since she liked us so much)
    but for my 1 & toss, 9 BM and madrinas, 1 mini and halo for flowergirl, 19 boutonnieres, 7 corsages she told us it would be $1200 (orange lilies and orchids)
    This was the first place we've stopped and actually sat down with anyone so I was kind of wondering if this was a "steal" like the florist kept saying.
  • How do you DIY? I am very interested as I am on a strict budget.


  • I think that will change quite a bit based on where in the world you are...  I have a NYC wedding and spent about 5500.  Which I shopped the death out of...  The average proposal was closer to your 8k.  I used a rule of three for all of my vendors.  I quoted three and chose the one I was most comfortable with and felt had a fair price.  

    Couple quick considerations a lot of florists drop flowers the morning of and don''t come back until the following day to pick up vases/props/etc.  I chose a florist that was also my day of coordinator and it came in very handy because a lot of the flowers were repurposed from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception and the dance room.  It all depends on the venue but try to nail down how involved you want them to be. 

    She did such a good job I was also able to repurpose some of the smaller arrangements for the brunch Sunday am....

    Hope that helps!

  • Where did you get that quote from?
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