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  • Here is mine and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!
    chibiyui[Deleted User]
  • I really love how I have my halo rose gold, it reminds me of a tulip!
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    Dignity100thefuturemrspesh[Deleted User]doeydo
  • My Fiance just got me my dream ring and proposed on 3/20/2014

    Its sapphire surrounded by quartz in rose gold, practical and beautiful at the same time.

    I absolutely love it! I am soooo grateful for such a wonderful man who got me exactly what I wanted!
    [Deleted User]nicemarmot
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    For Christmas my bf of 9 years had just surprised me with airfare tickets to the big apple,NYC! We were high school sweethearts so he has always known visiting NYC was a must for me. I was having a blast being a tourist and site seeing when saturday night we are walking towards the Rockefeller Center watching everyone ice skate, When my boyfriend surprises me again with tickets he had prepurchased for us to skate! I was on cloud 9 I couldnt believe he put so much time and effort behind planning this trip it was perfect! While ice skates for about an hour an a half or so when one of my favorite songs comes on. (I'll be by Edwin McCain) I shout outloud "this is my song!" and countinue to sing and skate with my boyfriend at my side. I catch him just staring at me and i finally look around and realize no one is on the rink i turn back to see him and he just smiles when it finally hits me! OMG its really happening, he leads me towards the middle of the rink and gets on one knee. =) 

    Offically Engaged January 25, 2014

    image image

    image image



  • My fiancée proposed to me on March 22nd at the horror hound(horror movie convention) and while we were taking a picture with actors Alan tudyk and tyler labine he dropped to one knee. This is perfect because going to different conventions is our "thing".
  • Here's my ring...a princess diamond inside a round halo. I love it because it's unique :) 
  • Here's a better picture of my ring. :)
  • image
    The lighting isn't very good in the picture, sorry. :c
    Engaged 3/11/14

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    Soraya99NerdyLucy[Deleted User]
  • Just got engaged on 3/16/14! 
  • Just got engaged on 3-19-2014.  Kurt asked me to dance at a wedding and we were on our way to dinner with friends when we passed the reception hall.  He said "lets go in for a picture"  When we opened the doors the entire dance floor was covered in rose petals and candles.  He led me to the center of the dance floor where we had our first dance and there were pictures of us hanging from the center chandelier.  He got down on one knee and proposed.  He followed it up with a "Bachelorism"  by having a long stemmed single red rose and asked "will you accept this rose?"


    SO CUTE!!

    [Deleted User]
  • We got engaged on March 8th, total surprise to me! He designed my ring with a little secret help from my bestie.

    image image image
    fourtsixand2[Deleted User]nicemarmotdoeydo
  • @dlibonati14 next to my ring yours is my absolute favorite one I've seen! Absolutely stunning!! What's the center stone! The color is breathtaking and I must have something with that color.
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  • I just posted a discussion on this but I'll show off here, too :D I have two rings! My engagement ring (alexandrite) will move to my right hand after we get married and my wedding ring (blue topaz) will be worn on my left, of course. Lucky me ;) 




  • LizaFLizaF member
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    He picked it out and surprised me. He knows me well. I LOVE it.
  • We got engaged in January and in February I helped design a ring that just arrived yesterday!!!  Up until this one arrived I was wearing a lovely sapphire and diamond estate ring he found for me.  That will be my right-hand ring for now and my 'something blue'.  :)

  • Here's my ring!!! :)
  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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    Engaged 03-20-2014:)

    My FI and I went ring shopping together about 6 months ago. I'm not a big girlie-girl and I wanted something very simple, and I really didnt want him to spend too much money on it. We chose the ring together but he purchased it several months later to 'keep me guessing'

    He hid the ring in a box of starwars lego, (we are giant dorks), so when i went to dump out the lego pieces, out came the ring:)

    Anyhoo, here's the ring: 0.4Carat round, VVS2, I, well cut with only a tiny inclusion thats invisible to the naked eye.


    ring.JPG 713.8K
  • I got to pick out different options for the ring. He went for a cluster to save and will replace with a solitaire in future! Love it!
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  • He proposed on January 25, 2014 at Disneyland! (:

    The heart center stone is the same stone my mom has worn in her ring for over 25 years. <3
  • lgsdesignerlgsdesigner member
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  • Hello! This is my ring.. It is white gold with three tanzanite stones (my fav. colors are lavender and periwinkle shades) and two little diamonds on either side. It's perfect for me and even if the budget had been higher, this is the exact ring I would have wanted to wear for the rest of my life. It's dainty and fits my petite hands. It also reminds me of an ocean wave in its shape, and I LOVE the ocean. He found the perfect ring in the right price that looks like it was designed by me. There is no better feeling than looking down at it and realizing the commitment we made and his determination to obtain nothing short of my dream ring.  
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    laurenstlouis[Deleted User]doeydo
  • You all have such lovely rings! And each on is so unique! :D

    His proposal was lovely, and I couldn't love this ring more. It's white gold with a sapphire in the center (apparently that's my birth stone. He's so thoughtful!) I just loved how natural it was, with the rose and the leaves. Really lovely. :)
    [Deleted User]SNoWkitsune23doeydo
  • Engaged Feb 17th. 

    6mm square sapphire with side diamonds - designed for me and I love it!!! Can't stop staring at it.
    NerdyLucy[Deleted User]
  • Although a little late, my Fiance proposed 12/8/13, day after our son's birthday. I love that we created my ring, he chose the band and I chose the center stone. Perfect!
  • he did GOOD ♥ engaged 1/1/14 - wedding 5/3/15 ♥

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    Engaged  to  him | 1.1.14
    Marrying my BFF | 5.3.15
    & Happily spending the
    rest of my days being MRS.RAJAB

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    [Deleted User]doeydo
  • Engaged: 3/21/14 Wedding date: 12/13/14
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