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  • Loving this thread...

    Screen NAME pennylane

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? same as me..

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I work in finance

    AND YOUR SO? Computer engineer

    ANY KIDS? Nope not yet, not sure if we will - still undecided (both of us)

    PETS? Yep,we have our amazing dog Penny from when she was only 8 weeks old. She's four now and getting her was the best decision ever! She's a crazy black lab/collie cross who loves to give big kisses and lie in between or across us on the sofa ♡

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? All the cheese... parmesan being on top at the moment.. and a strong cheddar

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Red wine, pinot noir, rioja and st emillion being my favourites. Also love dark beer/stout in the winter.

    ANYTHING ELSE? Came here as recommended by a friend as the other wedding forum(Irish one) I was on was getting a little bitchy and can't cope with the drama! I definitely got some good tips from you guys... so thanks! Took my time about posting but I'm slowly getting there!
  • Good call on starting this thread @sarawifenow I love learning new things about the regs, and I think you brought out some newer faces too!  :)
    Totally agree! Well done. 

    SCREEN NAME: (lavieenrose)

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Western NY (now living in Western MA)

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Upstate (real upstate) NY. We met in Central NY

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Independent research 

    AND YOUR SO? Author, owns a book advertising company, makes Kindle apps.  

    ANY KIDS? Hopefully next year. 

    PETS? Nada yet. 

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? If I won't eat it cold (unusual), I will eat it melted. 
    Yes, cheesecake counts as cheese. And cake is good too. So is pesto...

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not):Guilty pleasures: Cranberry ginger ale/ cranberry lemonade. Coke. Mimosas. Real chai. Fenton's rose ginger ale, which I cannot find in the states.

    Addiction: Tea. All. Day. Long.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I don't like having a public internet presence. But I make an exception for TK. 

    I love flowers, especially roses. And sparkly things. 

    I have an insatiable appetite to learn. 

    I fear losing my loved ones or my memory. 

    My biggest phobia is finding mistreated human remains or finding them in museums/archives. I avoid any room likely to have a mummy or tomb.

    Then happy I, that love and am beloved 
    Where I may not remove nor be removed.

     --William Shakespeare (Sonnet 25)

  • esstee33 said:
    @snarkymaid Saint Andre is the bombbbbbb.
    IT IS!! It tastes like butter. I would eat it everyday if I could afford to (both monetarily and weight-wise).
  • particuliersylpheparticuliersylphe My heart belongs to Baltimore. member
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    I lurk a lot, but I barely ever post. Trying to work on that...

    SCREEN NAME: ParticulierSylphe

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Pretty freshly engaged

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Maryland, currently NJ, soon to be VA.

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Also Maryland, currently NJ, soon to be VA.

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I'm a wine importer/buyer. I love my job.

    AND YOUR SO? Programmer

    ANY KIDS? Nope..

    PETS? Two very spoiled, very adorable cats.

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Manchego and  super sharp white cheddars

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Non, caramel lattes and lime seltzer water. Boozy - Red blends, Austian white wines and Belgian Tripels.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I'm trying to house search for a huge, impending 8 hour away move, and I don't even know where to begin.
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  • porkchops926porkchops926 Cape Cod member
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    edited December 2014
    I have been meaning to introduce myself forever, but as I mentioned on another post, I am lazy. So even though I'm late to this one, here goes:

    SCREEN NAME: porkchops926 (from my fav GI Joe PSA spoof and our wedding date)

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: engaged end of August 2014 

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Originally from Jersey,lived there my first 21 years, will always have a soft spot for it. Currently on Cape Cod, but hopefully not forever.

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Also Jersey. We went to middle school and his prom together. Reconnected about 6 years ago.

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? graphic designer

    AND YOUR SO? Psychiatrist (in residency)

    ANY KIDS? No, maybe next few years

    PETS? One amazing mutt named Josephine (Joey for short). A stray that followed FI home during monsoon when he was in med school in India. She was abandoned by her mom at 2 weeks and he bottle fed her. She is a whopping nine years old now and still crazy!

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Muenster or Provolone for sandwiches. Brie for crackers. Oh also yeah St Andre is unreal like PPs said.

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Pina Coladas, Pink Lemonade, Hot Cocoa. 

    ANYTHING ELSE? FI's ethnicity is Indian so I'm trying to learn to make homemade Telugu food. I'm doing ok so far. I love knitting, passionate about typography and fonts, both of us are huge sci-fi fantasy and video game nerds, and I love bluegrass and glam rock.  And finally.... YES TO MAYONNAISE! I PUT THAT SHIT ON EVERYTHING!
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  • SCREEN NAME:  MoreWinePlease

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Dating for 7+ years

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? New England


    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Write Contracts

     AND YOUR SO? Reviews claims for healthcare


    PETS? Two very spoiled cats

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Blue, salty and stinky

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Ice Coffee in the morning, my drinking is seasonal – Dark beers in the cold weather, vodka and a mixer in the summer, and always a good red wine.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I feel like lurking on the TK has kept me from going BSC while waiting for a ring


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  • porkchops926porkchops926 Cape Cod member
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    emmaaa said:
    Thanks, I never did an intro post back when I joined! (Didn't really know they were a thing till recently) 

    SCREEN NAME: novella1186
    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: engaged (wedding date is May 2, 2015!) 

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Near Chicago 

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Teeny tiny town on the east side of Indiana 

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Clinical research (and I'm a published writer) :) 

    AND YOUR SO? I don't remember his title but he does design stuff with apps and web content and marketing  

    ANY KIDS? No! And NOT anytime soon!! 

    PETS? A fat little beagle with an attitude who was the runt of the litter so she's also a shorty, a big giant rescue dog who's half Catahoula and half mystery, a lizard named Pickles, and 4 tropical frogs 

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Goat cheese! (Best thing EVER is to slice a baguette, coat it with olive oil and Italian seasoning, grill it, and then spread goat cheese on it) 

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Stoli. My family is Russian so I pretty much grew up on Russian vodka. And I've said this before but I did a case study on Stoli for grad school so I know how it's made. Ridiculously obsessively high quality, especially for its price!  

    ANYTHING ELSE? I love tattoos (I have about 10 now and I'm planning my next one), I paint and draw for fun, I listen to everything from the Beatles to Rob Zombie (but no country, although I'm super obsessed with bluegrass and yes bluegrass is WAY WAY WAY different than country), I do kickboxing for exercise (took classes on MMA fighting), I still watch cartoons pretty much every day, and I love love love bacon so much! Also I love all you wonderful ladies on TK! :) 
    Do you listen to any folk?  I've been into that the last year or so and my town (Woodstock, IL) has a folk festival every summer in July- you should come out.

    Please recommend some bluegrass for me.  My fiance's mom has played a few albums recently and I'm diggin' it!
    I do like folk! When I was little I really liked Joan Baez :) 
    I love Old Crow Medicine Show,
    Dehlia Lowe
    The Dillards 
    Nickel Creek
    The Avett Brothers (although they've gotten really popular on normal radio stations which for some reason bugs me)
    Chatham County Line 
    Trampled by Turtles 
    Johnny Flynn
    The Dhuks 

    oh man there's so many... If I think of more I'll let you know! We're having a bluegrass band at our wedding that has played with Dolly Parton and I'm SO excited!!! 
    I love Woodstock and have been to the folk festival a few times over the years. I forgot about it completely!
    Just dropping to say I LOVE OCMS!

    ETA: And Chatham County Line! 

    Yes, NC!
    I had to jump in on this folk discussion also. Hope I'm not intruding. Has anyone listened to Middle Brother? I believe they only have one album because it's three guys from other bands, but that one album is pure gold. 

    Also, Trampled by Turtles.... holy shit it's like God is singing to me.

    Also also, classic bluegrass, The Country Gentlemen are the best!
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  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    I lurk on this board a lot, but hardly post here!

    SCREEN NAME:  lmcooper86



    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Just north of Toronto

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Health care regulation

     AND YOUR SO? Works for his family's construction company

    ANY KIDS? Negative

    PETS? My bratty cat

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? All the cheese!!! I especially love fondue.

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Tea or red wine. Or Ceasars.

    ANYTHING ELSE? FI and are in the middle of a discouraging house hunt. I currently hate house hunting, but love looking at decorating ideas.



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  • SCREEN NAME: Sal2015

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: engaged (date: April 18, 2015)

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Iowa (and I love being from Iowa)


    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I'm a scientist: I work in industry focusing on research and development in molecular genetics, although my true love is microbiology.

    AND YOUR SO? Fi works in shipping.

    ANY KIDS? Not yet. We love to talk about our future kids, though.
    PETS? My beloved cat, Princess. She is 16 and has been my BFF since I adopted her when I was ten and she was a kitten.

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Havarti. I can go through a block of that in an hour if I give myself the opportunity.

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Water. I'm really boring. I also love tea and wine, but I crave nothing more than water. So refreshing!

    ANYTHING ELSE? I'm enjoying being on TK, even though I'm mostly a lurker. I've gotten great advice and I was inspired to plan the wedding that really suits my Fi and I, rather than the big shindig everyone in our lives expected.
  • smalfrie19 Seahawks all the way! 
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  • Coming out of lurkdom and taking the plunge here...
    SCREEN NAME: chocolateygabs


    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Wisconsin

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Also Wisconsin

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I am a substitute teacher on the way out of education/in graduate school to help me transition to a new career hopefully in talent development

    AND YOUR SO? mechanical engineer

    ANY KIDS? Nope. We do want children but are waiting two years for. I have bursts of baby fever a lot, though! 

    PETS? I have a parakeet named Comet that I have had for 7.5 years.  H is allergic to cats and doesn't want a dog.  I am working on trying to convince him to let us get a bunny.

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Like @KatieinBklyn, you can't make a Wisco girl choose! That being said, I love a smoky Swiss cheese.  Absolute heaven. 

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not):I have an obnoxious sweet tooth, so I will drink anything (except Dr. Pepper. Blargh).  I can't have any liquers because of my tree nut allergy, but I will drink most beers (I really hate overly hoppy) and wines.  I love Chardonnay!  I don't get the hate, but I also will eat straight bran cereal. I guess I just like earthy foods.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I have lurked for months because I love all the sass and only commented a few times.  I tend to use CC as a distraction and I like the adult conversations.  Not working in an office or a consistent place has made me feel a bit lonely, and I like getting to know the community here!
  • SCREEN NAME: audubonbride2013


    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Philly area

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Maryland between Baltimore and DC

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I work in employee benefits for the government

    AND YOUR SO? Attorney for the government

    ANY KIDS? No, but we want kids just not for another couple years.

    PETS? We just got a puppy a couple weeks ago.  She is so cute and sweet!  I attached a pic of our pup.

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Lately I've been really into Brie

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): This time of year I love a good hot chocolate.  For booze, I like sauvignon blanc. 

    ANYTHING ELSE? I've been on the knot since before our wedding in August 2013, but I'm only on here periodically.  Lately I've been really busy at work, so I haven't posted in a while.  I definitely prefer the knot over the nest, so hopefully I can post more now that work is slowing down some.

  • hellosweetie1015hellosweetie1015 Where the skies are so blue member
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    jenna8984 said:

     @theycallmelinz I'm a Massachusetts girl but I did my freshman year at Auburn! I wanted a change of scenery and boy I was not prepared for that kind of southern football crazy. I transferred back to MA but I still root for them. And I'm pretty sure @hellosweetie1015 went there. 

    I DIIIIIIID!!!! FI did too, although we didn't meet in school. I love it and miss being there almost every day (gamedays excluded most of the time). 

    I'm not really sure where this came from... I should go back and read the rest of the thread, hahaha. :/
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  • larrygagalarrygaga Czechoslovakia member
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    edited December 2014
    I'm late to the game

    SCREEN NAME: larry the gaga


    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Marquette, MI

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM?  Same. He grew up on a reservation outside of town but we went to the same school.

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I talk to old people with dementia/schizophrenia/you name it about their problems and make sure their medication isn't fucking them up too badly.

    AND YOUR SO? FI is an engineer. He designs and installs robots for car manufacturing, mostly Ford. 

    ANY KIDS? Nope, still a kid myself. If I ever grow up I would love to raise a few little hellions.

    PETS? I have a crab with no name. He is a mystery to all. 

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Cream cheese! Or feta. 

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Gin and tonic with lime or a porter.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I recently moved to a new town where it's fairly hard to meet people, and FI is gone a lot for work. I'm glad I have you guys and other internet friends to socialize with. His job is supposed to be opening a branch in Japan, and if that happens we are hoping he gets to go work in Japan for a year or two. How cool would that be? I would totally quit my job to go. I suppose I could be an English tutor. I don't suppose they have much use for my type of work over there, but I don't care!

    I play a lot of video games, if any of you love me and also have steam PM me! I also paint and I used to be a dance teacher. I taught mainly bellydance and swing/lindy hop. 
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  • Also late to the party - but loving this!

    SCREEN NAME: LabLove86

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Engaged - planning on fall 2016 so far

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Tonawanda, NY (Suburb of Buffalo NY)

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM?  North Tonawanda - a whole 10 minute drive away!

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Full time - Dental Hygiesnist, Part time - Vet Tech

    AND YOUR SO? He's in IT - employed by a larger company but his position is paid for by HP

    ANY KIDS? not yet

    PETS? 2 kitties, planning on a dog when we get a house. And I've been debating a hedgehog. . .  


    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): I've been feeling the mojitos lately. And wine - mostly pinot grigio's. And water, unsweetened iced tea with lemon, and Pepsi.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I am really excited for the Holidays this year. I am not normally this excited. 

    I have be debating taking up crocheting. But I don't know how to get started.
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  • dolewhipperdolewhipper [wh]orlando member
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    Oh yay! I posted on novella's spinoff before I saw this :)

    SCREEN NAME: dolewhipper (was shannonmaya but I wanted to create a bit more of an anonymity to my SN)

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Engaged, walking down the aisle 3/7/15! Two and a half month, EEK

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Town west of Fort Lauderdale

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM?  The second town south of me

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Theme park ticket sales/Concierge 

    AND YOUR SO? He works as IT support for a company that provides photography systems in tourism areas and attractions (ie. the company that takes the pictures of you at Space Mountain, or your honeymoon photos at Sandals)

    ANY KIDS? Not yet, wanting two. Fi can't wait; I just want a house before then.

    PETS? two cats who absolutely hate each much for getting the second one to keep the first company...

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? OMG. So I'm lactose intolerant. But a lot of the aged cheeses don't have much or any lactose at all, from what I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong). So probably aged cheddar.

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Bourbon. Neat.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I'm really grateful for this community and all the questions that get answered.

    Only 10 days till Christmas and I'm freaking a little. Haven't wrapped anything yet.


  • smalfrie19smalfrie19 Home of SB XLVIII Champs member
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    Couggal12 said:
    smalfrie19 Seahawks all the way! 
    oh good I am glad!! @couggal12
  • lbailey886lbailey886 South Carolina member
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    SCREEN NAME: I'm pretty sure it's lbailey886


    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? South Carolina

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? South Carolina

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I work at a hospital registering patients

    AND YOUR SO? He's an assistant manager for grocery store

    ANY KIDS? Not yet. Hopefully after we check the wedding and buying a house off the list.

    PETS? 2 cats (they're demon cats), Catsby and Spooky

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? I'm not picky when it comes to cheese...

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): sweet tea is my weakness

    ANYTHING ELSE? I've been lurking for a while. I've always wanted to jump in and comment, but I just didn't want to butt in to your conversations without introducing myself first. Hi!
  • InkdancerInkdancer The Shire member
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    @themuffinman16 Buffalo proper, or a 'burb? FI's family is from Kenmore.
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  • bumbletiger88bumbletiger88 St. Louis member
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    SCREEN NAME: bumbletiger88

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: engaged- getting married 5/9/15

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Memphis. Currently living in St. Louis


    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I'm a food scientist at an ingredient company

    AND YOUR SO? He's finishing his PhD in engineering- researching microelectronic devices for biomedical applications

    ANY KIDS? No and not planning to for a while (if ever)

    PETS? 5 year old golden retriever. she's enough baby for us right now 

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Basically all of the cheeses. If I had to pick, brie or goat cheese?

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Tanqueray and tonic

    ANYTHING ELSE? Yesterday my FI accepted a job offer in Minneapolis and we will be moving there next year! I'm excited/completely terrified

  • SCREEN NAME: princessofgenovia


    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Originally Oklahoma, moved around a shit ton, settled in Arizona.

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Originally born in Oregon, then moved to Texas, and then the family settled in Arizona when he was a young'un.

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Public relations.

    AND YOUR SO? Attonery for a tech company

    ANY KIDS? Nope, haven't decided if we'll have any or not.

    PETS? Not yet, we plan to get a dog once we have a house. Our apartment charges crazy pet deposits and pet rent. 

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? I do not know cheese. I like cheese. I don't like soft cheese. But I don't know things about cheese. Like the names.

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Jack and coke, Vanilla vodka and coke, cheery vodka and sprite....I like booze. And sweet tea.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I'm just really excited I finally set a date and now I feel like I can actually plan!!!
  • Inkdancer said:
    @themuffinman16 Buffalo proper, or a 'burb? FI's family is from Kenmore.
    @Inkdancer - thats awesome! My dad owns a sub shop in Kenmore. . . . I'm only 3 miles away from there.
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  • WeeshWeesh NY member
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    edited December 2014
    SCREEN NAME: Weesh

     MARITAL STATUS: Married as of 7/4/14 :)

     WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Hudson Valley NY 

     WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Orange County NY 

     WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? High school English teacher 

     AND YOUR SO? Structural aircraft mechanic for the military 

     ANY KIDS? Going to start trying in the spring 

     PETS? Nope 

     WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? Brie, Mozzarella, Parmesan are top 3 but all are delicious! 

     FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Red wine (Malbec), pino, water, diet coke (bad habit) 

    ANYTHING ELSE? Lurking here has taught me so much about weddings and life in general. I don't post often but I read a fair amount. I love trying new restaurants and learning how to cook, even when I suck at it. Great idea for a thread!
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  • @inkdancer, North Buffalo, but I grew up in Tonawanada.
  • dolewhipperdolewhipper [wh]orlando member
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    ANYTHING ELSE? Lurking here has taught me so much about weddings and life in general. I don't post often but I read a fair amount. I love trying new restaurants and learning how to cook, even when I suck at it. Great idea for a thread!
    Weesh ! That's how us lurkers stop lurking ;)


  • SCREEN NAME: sassyfrass2014


    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I grew up around Atlanta, GA.

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Also Georgia, but rural. 

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I teach High School Science at the moment! Looking to apply to a Human-Computer Interaction graduate program soon.

    AND YOUR SO? He's about to take his CPA exam! 

    ANY KIDS? None.

    PETS? We have a four-year-old beagle mix named Duff (after the bassist for Guns N Roses) and a 10-month-old black lab mix named Scout (after Scout Finch) ((She's in my avi)).

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE? All the cheese (nacho cheese may be the best for general coating of things tho)
    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): I love a dark red wine. My favorite from the grocery store right now may be Carnivor.

    ANYTHING ELSE? I love TK! I've learned so much about wedding planning and general life etiquette from the lovely people here and I really hope to become an actual part of the community! Thank you for all the laughs and advice. 

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  • pinkcow13pinkcow13 The Concrete Jungle member
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    Super late but I love this!
    SCREEN NAME: pinkcow13

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? NYC Baby! Born in the Bronx, raised in Manhattan.

    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Brooklyn!

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I work in the compliance department for all the life insurance products at a life insurance company.

    AND YOUR SO? He is an IT manager at a financial company.


    PETS? 2 kitties - Pesto and Kapuchee. 

    WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE?ALL THE CHEESE. I am seriously obsessed with cheese.

    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Boozy - margarita - none - lemonade

    ANYTHING ELSE? I love TK and chatting with you crazy chicas. I plan on being an OMH here.


  • This is fun!
    SCREEN NAME: kmbay84

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Engaged (Wedding 7/11/15)

    WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Born in Wisconsin, moved to Minnesota when I was 11.
    WHERE IS YOUR SO FROM? Minnesota
    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Occupational Therapy Master's Student/Part-time Preschool Teacher

    AND YOUR SO? Radio DJ Personality
    ANY KIDS? No
    PETS? No, hopefully when we get a house, which will probably be in about 4 years.
    FAVORITE DRINK (boozy or not): Apple Orchard
    ANYTHING ELSE? I love acapalla music.
     I was not meant to be a wedding planner.  I hate planning and telling people what to do, so not for me.  I will enjoy the wedding, but will be glad when we are on our honeymoon.
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